Nerdseq combo panel, inspired by ER-301

I am designing a combo panel with Nerdseq taking on a 301-inspired look, and will make a few of the Nerdseq detached on its own as well. I wanted to share and see how many people would be interested in one, and what your preferences or suggestions are.

These 2 colour options (black+silver, beige+green) are what I have in mind based on the limited colour options for aluminum panels from the PCB manufacturer. I am feeling almost ambitious enough to consider powder coating and screen printing so I can achieve some colour options that I think are more desirable.

These are still somewhat in progress. I am experienced with panel design so I will ensure a good fit! I have made some really really minor changes to the 301 design just based on my preferences. The 1.6mm plates offered by the manufacturer are close to the 301’s thickness and thinner than the Nerdseq’s stock panel. I think this is actually going to be an improvement for the Nerdseq because the buttons will sit a little higher, currently they are a little low.

I will make a few and sell them. If printed by the PCB fab, the combo panel would be around $45, Nerdseq only, around $30. If I end up powder coating + screen printing myself, the cost would be higher.

Thanks for looking!


I’d be up for two seperate panels for the Nerdseq and 301 but in the same style!

Cool idea :smiley:

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I’ll probably be down. A nerdseq panel in O|D nostalgia scheme would be ace!


Totally. My 301 is Nostalgia panel and I would love to match it, however colour matching the powder coat could be tricky.


I’d grab a black one, yeah. Perfect lil Palette filler.

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I’d take one as well :slight_smile:

Beige & green looks great!

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Interested also. In black!

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I received the first prototypes of the Nerdseq panel for a fit test and now I’m going to order a couple of colours. The beige/green isn’t going to work out, the good news is that I think the design looks great!

I’m putting this poll here to gauge interest, if you want one would you please choose your colour and format? Right now I’m only ordering the Nerdseq panel on its own, with combo panel to follow, and maybe more colours to follow.


  • Nerdseq panel only - Black with white graphics (aluminum)
  • Nerdseq panel only - PINK with white graphics (PCB material)
  • Combo Nerdseq+ER-301 panel - Black with white graphics (aluminum)
  • Combo Nerdseq+ER-301 panel - PINK with white graphics (PCB material)

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I wanna see what this pink looks like… that combo panel in pink sounds sick