Nerdseq combo panel, inspired by ER-301

Hey, thank you so much!

Currently I get all my panels made by the PCB manufacturers, including the aluminum A8 one, and their colour options are limited, so I wouldn’t be able to recreate any of the original factory 301 colours. The factory ones are higher quality printing.

I do want to make black aluminum (same as the A8) and pink PCB (same as the Nerdseq) for the 301 that will more or less retain the original design. I plan to make a few of each as well as the combo panel with the Nerdseq, so I think eventually I’ll have all those options available.

I am still interested in getting into other printing methods to allow for more colour variety, but probably not in the immediate future.


Short question for you, what PCB manufacturer are you using for the aluminium panels?
I’ve only done pcb panels for my own designs but having aluminum with colour would be cool

Totally understood, I sort of assume at this point I’ll have to just keep scouring the user market to really make it happen, which as you know is a hard pill to swallow. Mostly I’m just really grateful to have the one I have!


JLC. For aluminum the colours are more limited than their regular PCBs.

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Love the panel design for the Nerdseq! Are you planning on offering more color options? I really liked the beige/greenish design and would love a combo package if the color is right.

I will at least do a pink combo and black combo. I thought I could get that ‘beige’ but it didn’t turn out…long story to explain, but it’s not possible.

I have to work with the basic colours from the PCB manufacturer, but do you have any other requests? Can also do white, yellow, blue, purple, green.


I do like it subtle. White could be nice, maybe green but it depends what green we’re talking about :smiley: But are you able to do one-offs like that?

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Ok, pink Sweet Sixteen panels are here! I redesigned the labels again to match the 301. As seen in the photo the bottom border line doesn’t exactly match up which is a shameful oversight! etsy