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Nerdseq & I2C & er-301


Hey there!
I had a brief exchange, via yt, with Thomas from XOR Electronics, nothing deep,
I was asking if the nerdseq could have an i2c connector on an extension, answer is:
“nerdseq got expansion ports to directly interact with 4 other devices using any connection/protocol. It only depends on interest (and the priorities of my 2do list) if it is worth to invest the time to interconnect with other devices.”
What/how should/could we do?
Are you interested?

Hope this post doesn’t break any rules nor be irrelevant.



Of course we are interested! :slight_smile:


What a cute system I mean dog! Both as the matter of fact :slight_smile: :heart:


You mean I could replace all these cables with a single rear jumper and free up inputs on the 301?? Yes, interested!!!


That’s funny, I was just thinking of asking the exact same question. I don’t own a NerdSeq but have been contemplating getting one. This would make it a no-brainer for sure.


is the nerdseq super great? I keep eyeing it! I love those ‘look mom no computer videos’ speed sequencing demos! :slight_smile:


Probably the most powerful sequencer in eurorack, and a lot of fun to use. There’s also expanders coming that you can link together that let you add over 100 channels of cv/gate sequencing or something insane!


I would put the Teletype up there as well which already has 100 some i2c cv/gates to the er-301.

I think the more options the better though! What a time to be alive.


the nerdseq is amazing -i have found my sequencer :slight_smile: A lot of fun but deep and powerful, even using a small part of it can bring very cool results. I think you could quite easily incorporate thetwo in each others workflow…if possible it would be a damn shame not to pursue
Still gotta get a sega gamepad for it :slight_smile:


How many mA does Boris absorb from the -12v rail?


No idea if it’s even voltage-controllable, but I’m pretty sure it’s cookie-controllable. :slight_smile:


I didn’t know it can sequence Midi and receive Midi, I should have bought this instead of Hermod :smiley: If i2c support is implemented, maybe I’ll switch ^^


there’s a recent update that adds four note polyphonic midi sequencing per channel too!!!


Just wanted to chime in and say YES PLEASE!


That would be amazing, combining my 2 favorites modules like this would be a dream !


Adding my voice !


I posted a link to this thread in the yt conversation with thomas from xor, but if one would feel to reach him directly, that would be rad!


Hello THOMAS I have also the midi expansion and a SEGA controller, bwahaha. Happy customer, would be even happier with i2c support :smiley:


would love to connect this two culties. and i love to see Thomas working on midi implementation. nerdSeq is the best shit in euro sequencers, no question.


What an excellent idea! Another yes please to this one.