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Nerdseq & I2C & er-301


Please @XOR-Electronics :slight_smile: (Just i2c, cv and gate, the rest is superfluous for now)


Watching this thread eagerly as a new Nerdseq owner!


Same here.



Nerdseq -> ER-301 is such a powerful combination and any way to make them even more integrated with each other is something I would definitely kill for. A big big want on my list now :smiley:


I am so down with this

Please please please

Thi would be a total game changer


yeh this would be such an amazing pairing!


+1 Pleasey nice ones!


It’s here…now give me some time until i find some time to integrate it and to find out how it works :wink: . Not a too hard task, but i got some other things to do first. It might be weeks or even months. But i will for sure come with a proof of concept soon.


Have fun !


Many many thanks for doing this!!!


pleasure overload :slight_smile:




“tears of joy” :star_struck: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Nerdseq incoming here today (v excited) - looking forward to integration with 301 at some stage in the future!


I don’t have a NerdSEQ, but I’ve been thinking more and more over the last couple months about switching my sequencing up and getting one. Not gonna lie, a lot of the more technical jargon in this thread is above my head, but what I can grok about the ideas within definitely has me excited about the mere possibility and would definitely push me over the edge to getting a NerdSEQ. Will be following this thread closely. :+1:


These are truly joyful news. Thank you so much!


Though it sounds technical. It will be easy to use when you know both units a bit. At least that are my implementation plans


If CV can go from Nerdseq to 301 :thinking: I wonder if it would be possible in the future for the Nerdseq to poll 301 outputs and pass them into the automation section.


You mean as like in ‘sampling’ the 301 outputs (via I2C) and use these results in the NerdSEQ automations? Whats the idea for this?


Yeah, or at some point in the 301 signal flow. I was thinking for probability and generative stuff. The 301 has lots of interesting ways to process gates and cv etc, it would be cool to have behind the panel access to these on the the Nerdseq for changing sequence parameters.

Or is it a case of ‘Don’t cross the streams’ maybe?