Nest units after they've been added

There’s been a lot of times I’ve added a unit to test it out or see what it can do, but forgot to add in a mix unit first. Then I have to delete the unit, add a mix, then re-add the unit and the settings and everything. Is there a way to automatically nest a unit I’ve added into a new mix unit or something? Or do I just need to get better at doing that first?

I know this may not seem like that big of a deal, but other times I create several mix chains and want to nest them all together under a mix, but instead, I have to start all the way over. Hopefully I’m just missing something simple.

place the cursor left (or right) of the unit(s) you want to select, press and keep shift, move the cursor over the unit(s) to select them.
On the secondary screen you now can choose what todo with your selection: copy, cut, or “move to mixer”.

you can also save “presets” of a unit/mixer/chain (in the menu that comes from the unit header.


huh. that’s incredible. thank you so much!

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Oh. Holy crap. hahahah, This just saved me so much time. Wow… I was like “as soon as Brian implements copy/past/condense units to mix, this workflow is gonna rule”.

I am blown away each day that not only is this man a world-class software engineer (the 301 source code is pristine and I am learning how to be a better engineer simply by studying it), but he also nailed the user experience and workflow. Oh and built a best in class piece of hardware while he was at it!! :exploding_head:

Thanks for the tip, @ermina


yeah, it is almost unbelieavable how good the UI is on the er-301. i had a lot of discussions with skeptics who never tried one, they usually think “too much menu diving”, or “if i want to do that why not a computer, with a proper mouse and big screen?” and stuff like that. if you never used one, you cannot understand that in many cases, the UI is so good that it’s easier, tidier and\or more fun to patch and program stuff on those two small screen with just an encoder and some buttons than it is on a full fledged computer!
i think overall the er-301 is still very underrated, it is in my opinion one of the best music making machines ever produced.

wanna know what my wet dream is? an mpc\sp404 like sampler\groovebox\sequencer with big fat 16 pads built around the er-301 (perhaps with a faster processor and more ram). if something like that ever happens i'll be the happyest sound mangler ever :) for now i content myself patching between my samplers (mpc and sp) and the 301\eurorack rig. which is uber cool by the way :smiley:


I’d actually be pretty interested to hear about how you integrate the 301 with your MPC, if you feel like sharing. :slight_smile:


hey Joe, now i’m in a hurry, i will describe a bit my processes as soon as i have a bit of time, anyway until now nothing truly groundbreaking. anyway, i found your mpc videos on mpc-forums , they are great as usual, very appreciated in the mpc community. i was surprised to find you there too :slight_smile:
speak soon

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Ah, sure no rush. It’s funny, I picked up the MPC (well actually Force) to be a means to assemble modular fragments or sketches into more complete songs or tracks without having to resort to a PC or Mac based DAW.

What actually happened is that I’m using the modular less, because I can do so much inside that Akai box while maintaining the tactile feel of hardware. So just curious what sweet spots you’ve found for using them together. Sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting my modular too much these days. :rofl:

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i’d also be interested in learning more about possible interactions between MPCs and the er-301. i could share some experiences with triggering er-301 sample players via the pads of an mpc (live 2), velocity included (!)… might be worth a dedicated thread (“the unholy alliance of an MPC with an er-301”). i also suffered some major modular deprivation, though deliberatly, while i was trying to get my heads around the unfamiliar workflows of the MPC (meanwhile jealously watching @Joe’s elaborations on the Force which comes with that arranger mode) however, at this point, i already managed to ressurect my modular alongside other hardware gear. now, the united federation of mopoco gear forms a dense network again, waiting for injections of new use cases (where others or no man has gone before).


Totally. Until one experiences a 301 directly, you simply can not appreciate how thoroughly everything has been considered. Getting good with scope view has taken my patching experience to a whole new level. I don’t even crave external control via a 16n very much anymore. Happy to simply zip to the param in question, make adjustments with the encoder and onto the next. I haven’t even begun to really leverage pins or globals yet. I know when I do I will feel even more freedom to get creative.

I have been a software engineer the last 10 years and am going back to school to start on an EE degree. I feel like I have to hold onto the 301 no matter what happens because it’s a North Star of when good product design meets incredible embedded and user facing software design. It’s something to strive towards. And am I correct in understanding Brian did this, basically all solo? I am sure he had help here and there, but the man designed the circuit board, the operating system, the hardware, everything? I haven’t even touched his other products, which I am sure are magic too. Just wild to me, all of it.