Nested units in feedback loop?

Me again…

2nd request for the delays - is it possible to add to your long list of requests to have the ability to have an option to added nested units within the feedback loop of the various delay units please?

Obvious one is to add a low pass filter but I can think of many other interesting things that could be done with this feature.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This kind of topology is definitely on my radar. I’m still working out some specifics like if “feedback” should actually be a separate unit whose sole purpose is to provide this topology:

This kind of construct looks like it might have some benefits over the originally considered bus send/return units.


Looks interesting - so in essence we could make our own delay units built on top of this unit.

Would we still be able to emulate for example a clocked delay with the other existing units and this feedback unit do you think?

No reason to emulate. You would just put a Clocked Delay in the forward chain. You could even put another delay in the backward chain and get a (kind of) waveguide.

Excellent, still waking up :slight_smile:

bumping this one. Bump!

Longing for some feedback processing in the delays :heart_eyes:


I just noticed that “Feedback” is at the top of the Feature Requests section in the Wiki.

Any chance this could make the next major release?

Definitely won’t be included in any of the v0.3 releases. Probably will be addressed in v0.4.


Hey Brian,

This idea looks interesting but wouldnt a “send to global” unit be much more flexible? I imagine inserting such a unit after a delay. The output of the delay thus shows up as a global chain that can in turn be used as the input for a mixer unit that is placed before the delay.

Cheers, Harmen

PS Thanks a lot for your work so far, having tons of fun with the 301!

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Been building some updates nice custom delays with control tone control but I keep needing to add a mixer with the dry signal to stop it being effected. Really hoping for the feedback send/return soon. Hope it comes with v4 :sparkles::pray::sparkles:

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