New custom unit: "Follow the leader"

Hello everyone,

after half a year messing around with the ER-301 and learning the logic and architecture, I thought it was time to return the generosity of this forum and upload my first Custom Unit called “Follow the leader”

follow the leader.pkg (10.3 KB)

the concept is simple:

  1. one buffer gets recorded (the so called follower buffer). Preferably with longer sounds, but it works with everything.
  2. second buffer (the so called leader buffer) controls the pitch of the follower buffer. the follower buffer is shared twice, and any incoming signal, preferably a short one, like a hit of something, changes the pitch on both shared buffers.

dub 1: open to overdub on the follower channel
rec 2: send positive voltage to record into the leader buffer. You can keep the gate open for live input. When you close the gate, everything you have played the last 8 sec gets looped.
cap 1: captures new pitches into the shift register with every hit. I have uploaded it empty, so you will need to open it up simultaneously while recording into 2, otherwise there won’t be any pitch change.
cap 2: same as cap 1 but for the second buffer. It reacts every 2 hits.
drop 1: drops the pitch of the first follower buffer (buffer 2 is already an octave lower than 1)
droplead: shifts the leader buffer down without changing the tempo
leadvol: volume control for the leader. If this is closed, you will only hear the follower buffers. (with a bit of delay, as there needs to be something in them in order to play)
CPU is at 49%. I have assigned some faders and gates to the parameters (gate for rec 2 on A1 and faders 1-6 from my sweet16 to the others). Adapt to choice.

You will need Lojik and Sloop by @tomf and the accents package by @Joe in order for this to work.

Will tweak on this unit some more and probably upload some variations over the next weeks. I have a couple of other ideas that might do well but have to try them first.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


First test here:


Thanks for sharing, I’m exciting to give this unit a shot.

Can we agree not to use the “slave” terminology here? “Follower/leader” is much less loaded and conveys the desired relationship just as effectively.


Apologies, didn’t mean to offend anyone. Used to “master” and “slave” terminology because of other devices such as Octatrack. But I will keep it in mind and stand corrected. Will replace it on the YT thread and in the explanation.


I’m having a lot of fun with this…
Though, I’m finding that with my current setup I generally see 90% CPU usage

er301 0.6.16
accents 0.6.16
logik 1.2.0
sloop 1.0.2

I wonder, what versions are you using @dhoinjo

glad you like it! Have to check tomorrow. Think I’m on the latest for all of those. Will let you know.
90% is a lot indeed. Mine uses about half of that

just checked again. 49% cpu on mine.

Do you have have other units/effects loaded?

ER-301 0.6.10
Accents 0.6.16
Lojik 1.2.0
Sloop 1.0.3

Maybe the previous version of Sloop is causing the high cpu?
Don’t know if there is a big difference in cpu @tomf ?

Stereo vs mono maybe?

ah yes of course, that could be it. It is a mono unit. Forgot to mention…

It seems that the 96k sample rate was the culprit!
I set it back to 48k and I too enjoy <50% cpu usage

Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot with me

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