New ER-301

Hi all!

So here goes my very first post on this forum.

Been reading quite a bit on the ER-301 here and Muff forum, and I recently made up my mind to get an ER-301 once available. So now I’m planning a few changes to my system and wanted to get an idea of the cost of a new ER-301 and possible lead times, but couldn’t quite find this info. Was wondering if someone could help with this? Maybe more details will be available once the store comes back online in a week or so.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think the average wait is supposed to be three months? If I remember correctly. I recommend daily meditation sessions of at least 40 minutes, concentrating on patience and renunciation of worldly possessions. And oh boy when it finally gets there :partying_face:

Cost varies on where you live, because of import taxes mainly. I think mine ended up around 950 (€) in total, but I suspect my country of greediness.

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Thanks for getting back. That’s perfectly fine - good things come to those who wait :grinning:

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When the wait is over:


Happy days!

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Just out of curiosity, where are you from?

I’m planning to get one shipped to Spain.


That’s because you haven’t lived in France…
Belgium was the good times :wink:
My ER-301 ended up more than 1100€ with taxes and shipping, and yup, approximately 3 months of wait.
But I don’t regret any cent spent in it (nor the money the customs have stolen me) or any second waiting for it :smiley:

the total cost also heavily depends on the USD/EUR exchange rate (obviously…). When 1 EUR = 1.2 USD was (is?) probably the best time to get an ER-301 ! (it amounted to a total of ~945€ for me. Delivered in France, end of 2017.)