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Hi. I Got some strong desires for a 301. If i got rid on my chronoblob 2 and MI Clouds i could squeeze it in to my rack. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on such a switch. Could i mimic much of the functionality of the two out going modules and also gain some new stuff ?

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Welcome Lazy! There is a nice clouds emulation named “ultraviolet” by rbeny and there is plenty of delay stuff in the ER 301. Ultraviolet is a complex patch, so it is pretty much CPU intensive. But the ER 301 can do so mutch other stuff too and as it it is still in 0.3 OS stable and 0.4 beta there is more to expect. But expect stuff to change during development… Hope this helps, if you have questions let us know (there is a very helpful community here!)

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When I recently got my ER-301, it was part of a major shakeup to my modular. I let go of a lot of other modules including a Chronoblob v1.

I never had a Clouds, though I was considering a Nebula 2 or waiting for the Clouds successor. I didn’t really grasp Ultraviolet when I tried it briefly, but I’ve played a bit with the granular units in ER-301 and it seems like there are a lot of possibilities there.

Welcome @lazy! You’ll be able to get into similar territories, and yes–you will gain a whole lot of new stuff by making the switch.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond so quickly. I dont need much nudging in this direction.

My motivation apart from lust is that im always wondering which is the best low hp mixer with sends to swich effect routing for my couple of voices , seem to go round in circles with that. And thought 301 might cover that off and also my sampler needs. Had a Morphagene once and miss it, this might cover some of that plus the other stuff. It was a sampler demo that caught my attention. I like ornaments and crimes and maybe this will feel like a luxurious version. Of that.

That knob and sharp screen look delicious in the videos. As you can see , im talking myself in to this.


Hey there @lazy

I was just looking at the O&c alternative firmware, hemisphere. Smart how you can run two apps together. The 301 takes the idea much much further. You can create an entire case of modules in one channel! And there are 4 channels! You can set up drum machines, samplers, vco’s and so many other devices, all in the machine. And, it’s a recording desk!


Yeah i read about that but ive not updated , would really make O c more useful . The 301 sounds great for a compact sytem like mine, 6u which feels like a good size. Being able record direcly in the rack could really improve productivity - which is constantly low. Ive master (ish) various elektron work flows in the past Octatrak / Machinedrum etc, how does the learning curve of the 301 stack up?

If you take a look around the forum it’s clear that the community has an inclusive philosophy. Comes from the top! There are loads of videos that help crack the workflow principles and lots of discussions concerning individual units. All in all once you get an idea the curve become exponential and into the rabbit hole you go​:grin::grin:


Thanks for the repsonses. Yes ive been watching the Neil Parfitt series of videos which are proving very informative. One thing im currently unclear on , which im sure will become apparent soon is how you record 6 tracks with the 4 Analogue in’s.

The ABCDx inputs can also be used for audio rate input signals. There is a caveat with signals with significant energy above 30kHz, but a lot of the time they’re just fine. Also, you can record signals that are generated internally.

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