New user / hello / 301 cheat sheets?

Hey all! I just received my 301 in the mail today… I have spent the better part of the day re arranging my modular and recording space and trying out as much as I possibly can with the module. I am already feeling like I can majorly downsize my system, which is a great feeling. Excited to watch the forums here and learn as much as I can about this insane module!

I know there is no manual, and I know about Neil’s videos, but I am wondering if there is any resource that is a text document that I could reference if I need a refresher on how to do basic functions within the 301… or even if there is a thread around here that someone could point me to that is a “getting started” but with words.

I ask becuse I am currently living in a place without internet, and I can only use my phone to get online, but have very limited data. Really just enough to post on the forums and go on basic sites. As much as I would LOVE to binge watch all of the 10-20min videos, I don’t really have the capabilities at the moment.

Anyway, thanks and happy to be in the O|D club!
Also… here is my unboxing pic :smile:


Here is a link to front panel info currently available on the 301 wiki page:

AFAIK there is not yet a cheat-sheet//one-sheet for the 301 but between the wiki, Neil’s videos, and the wealth of information and supportive community here, you should have everything you need. Welcome!


I’m drinking now but you basically each channel has like two inputs for audio and cv, and then an output. Make chains of units (like plugins) per channel. Use big wheel and wnter button lots to navigate around. The small window let’s you add modulation to control the cv. You get there from the big window by positioning your pointer on an inout’s gain an hutting enter. Use big knob and enter some moar!

I love the 301 it capped expanding and had me thinking more avout which module to exchange within my 9U, rather than buying moar modules. So in a semse my modular wasn’t modular before now.


I spent all last night with the 301 and I understand it pretty well now… just lots of exploring to do! I thought the learning curve would have been a lot worse but it’s actually very intuitive once you learn the “spin big knob and press enter” basics :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s definitely more intuitive than you would think. :grin: It’s apparent that Brian really spent time thinking about that interface. The biggest breakthrough for me was watching one of Neil’s videos and understanding mixers/using them to nest chains. It really solves a lot of problems you may run into.