New User Introduction

Hi from a new ER-301 user from Hamburg, Germany!

I received my ER-301 at the end of 2018, admired it, but there were so many other things going on in my life that I did not get to it…and perhaps a part of me even feared that learning its user interface might take up too much time…

Fast forward to this spring, the lockdown and the immensely increased time I had to spent at home. So I got myself a Palette case and after some experiments arrived at this installation:

Over the last weekends I jumped into the ER-301 and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed learning it. The user interface is wonderfully thought out, and really fun to use, especially the scope mode is a real help and blast.

This weekend I started building a 4 Operator FM synthesizer, and having the 16 faders of Sweet Sixteen as a tangible access to FM synthesizer is quite something for me. Although I programmed my own sounds on my first DX7 back in 1984, having multiple controls for operator levels, feedback values etc. is a completely different ballgame.

OK, so much for an introduction, I hope someday I will be able to give something back to the community (instead of asking newbie questions :slight_smile: ).


Welcome to the community! :heart_eyes_cat:


Welcome! Looks so fun :slight_smile:

hey… the 301 is a bit like brrrr i’m a programmer now, but i like it. and the people here are so helpful it feels bad :smile::upside_down_face:

Hi wolfgangschaltung,

nice to know that there are some more modular-enthusiasts from Hamburg around the
Er-301/monome-universe. Good to see others also have a pencil and some white sheet
of paper close to their case…

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Hey, that’s great! I lost track of how many times I tried to keep my office or studio paperless, I just can’t get along without a pencil and paper.

I’m still learning my way around the ER-301, and then I need to get up to speed on Kria on the Ansible…