New user question for ER-101: Tilt message on snapshot save

Hi all,

I just grabbed a ER-101 & 102 used. I’ve been reading up on the manual and watched several videos on how to use and been successfully creating sequences, however, I’ve hit a rather big snag. Every time I try to save a snapshot I get the TILT message. I don’t currently have any card installed in my ER-102 and have more or less been focusing on usage of just the ER-101 to this point, but I thought I should be able to save to the ER-101 itself. Any tips or pointers?

I think if you have the 102 connected, the 101 will explicitly refer to the SD card across the bus to the 102. Put a card in it and then see!

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Ah I unplugged the 102 from the 101 to test if it was that and that appears to be what was causing it. #themoreyouknow


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