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New user: which firmware 0.2 or 0.3?



That is correct. I formatted the card on my pc and it is mounted when present at power up (in the ER-301), but when I attempts to re-format it as suggested, it rejects the card and doesn’t want to mount it again after that.

After this,I copied my original files manually on the card, inserted it in the ER-301, and attempted again to record, without first formatting the card, but this still freezes the unit. (but I suppose the improvements are only made when the card is formatted by the ER-301)


This is definitely a card problem then. It is a nightmare trying to find a decent bulk supplier for SD cards. I’ve tried so many and wasted more money than I want to admit.


I have always found Sandisk cards to be very reliable in all the years I’ve been using them, I can’t actually think of a single problem.


I will order a good steady SanDisk then and meanwhile use the unit without recording and be happy :slight_smile:


I just tried it for the first time and I am experiencing the very same behaviour with the originally included card.

  • Recording instantly let’s the 301 crash.
  • Formatting the card makes it unusable but does not format anything (still readabl on the computer, plus there is a temp file now)
  • I did a speed test before and got 0 Mb/s for writing and reading.

My ER-102 should be ready to ship in the next days - will it be affected too by this?

EDIT: I found a Sandisc card in my Radio Music and it works now.

Though the new formatting routine decreased the reading speed from 9.20 to 6.10. Is it still recommended to reformat the card?

sec. EDIT: In the old card backup I did on the computer there is a folder “sc” and a folder “v.03”. Both contain the same subfolders which I also find on the new formatted card - which one is the one I should copy to the new card now or am I allowed to just copy it into the new file system or have I just start from scratch?



The v0.3.xx firmware will create a completely different set of system folders (in ER-301/v0.3) and operate independently of the previous v0.2 release (which creates its folders in ER-301/sc). The only shared folder is ER-301/recorded.


I’m pretty sure it will not.


@Bparticle and @leverkusen

It would be great if you could try v0.3.08 to see if it makes your problematic cards work. I’m off to bed now. :zzz:


Thanks for the work on this, Brian. Hope we didn’t mess your weekend up. For me it’s play time, but I can see how you would want to take a break from that module :wink:


Thanks for being so quick with the new update!

I can happily confirm that v.0.3.08 works much better. The card you included with the ER-301 now shows 15/5.2 with the speed test and 15/5.75 after successfully formatting it with the ER-301. I am at 2½ minutes with four channels now and will have a look at something longer with all 6 channels and listen if there are any errors after that.


Also sleep well…



I just hit the ER-301 with the new firmware. Brilliant work, Brian!

  • Formatting of SD-card works.
  • Card is not rejected anymore.
  • Recording works, but haven’t tested thoroughly. I have recorded one patch of about seven minute which makes me very happy already (only channel though, will try some more tomorrow)
  • Speed test for the included card says READ 11.83 WRITE 4.18

Rest well deserved I’ll say.


Music to my ears, umm, eyes! :star_struck:


Just a quick confirmation that the sd-card trouble is in the past. I have recorded quite a few patches now with multiple tracks and its registering beautifully, all on the included sd-card.

Such a polished module :heart_eyes: