New YouTube series - Modular Studies

Hi all, I’m starting a new series of videos, where I study and explore very focused functionalities of maximum 4 modules at a time in my micro system (heavily reliant on ER-301). Hope you like it and if you do, let me know, share with fellow wigglers and subscribe for more!


great video! it’s just hitting my u_OC nerves. i’ve recently purchased it in order to complement my
er301, so i’m looking forward to see more.

but is it just me or does your video emit some serious hum? i didn’t measure it but at first glance it reminded me of 50 Hz mains hum…

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Thanks! Could be - I used Focusrite iTrack with both inputs, microphone and line-in, with which I had to use an adapter from small to large jack. I’ll check and see what I can do for the next one. O&C + ER-301 is a powerhouse!

you know what’s an even better powerhouse?
2x O&C + ER-301 :laughing:

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That’s my next step, get a second uO_C, and have the normal firmware running on that one :slight_smile:

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current state of the left hand side of my cockpit, mainly setup to explore
the possibilities of the o_C


I see you’re already rocking 2 uO_C with your 301 :slight_smile:

oh yeah, but i didn’t got far with them yet.
and besides the fact that i was trying to make you envy me :rofl:,
i wanted also to ask whether you’ve had some experience with
that flipped firmware?

Sure, I’ve been using it for a bit and it’s very useful. One of the best things about it is that it has an internal metronome, that can be set to a BPM, and then you can switch from the metronome to another app, and have two apps sync to that metronome - you can even turn the metronome on or off at any point! Super powerful.

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That’s great! Gonna go check it out!

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Thank you!

Nice video there! Thanks for making and sharing it. I like the “studies” concept.

I don’t mean to derail, but how are you liking the 506?

for what i do with it it’s awesome.
the only thing that’s bothering me that my
wmd digivcas seem to have a problem with the
hard to set zero offset…

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