Newbie question - guitar through 301/modulars

Thank you for reading my thread. I just have a very basic question, I was wondering if you are running a guitar through the 301/any modular setup, basically using the modular synth as an effects processor for ambient/shoegaze style stuff, if you need to use a keyboard amp/PA instead of a guitar amp because of any changes in voltage or anything else once the guitar signal basically becomes a synth signal at that point.

I just want it to sound as clean as possible without a bunch of popping/distortion or other stuff coming from the amp. Is a special preamp/converter needed for this kind of setup?

Thank you again for reading.

This kind of depends on your guitar amp. If you can bump up the level on your amp going into your modular and not get distortion then you should be good on distortion.

Popping comes from interference as far as I know. You shouldn’t get popping just as a result of going from amp to modular.

A lot of the guitar tone comes from the amp so if it sounds good clean coming from your amp then you should stick with that. I was running from an amp modeler direct to monitors, but it never sounded “good” without the amp modeling.

A bigger concern with guitar and modular is going from modular to guitar pedals. The signal from the modular can be much hotter than the instrument level coming from the guitar so that’s something to be aware of.

All this being said, you can get a ton of effects pedals or an axe fx/helix/kemper setup for the cost of a modular setup so I would recommend against going into modular just for effects unless there’s something you can get out of the modular that you can’t get from the other setups.

Going from guitar to modular and modular to fx pedals, you can use a module like the AA1 of Strymon. Expert Sleepers also has a module called “Little Mikey” with a high impedance input.

Guess I’m late to this thread but please let me encourage you to mic your guitar amp, and send the mic sound into your modular, rather than simply plugging a raw guitar signal into your modular.

For convenience, you can also use something like Milkman’s The Amp, which is a small tube amp housed inside a pedal format. But part of what sounds beautiful about the timbre of guitars is the way that amps move air, and it’s good to capture that.