Newbie signal chain question

Apologies for the simple question but spent hours yesterday trying to make this work with zero success

In one of the neil parfit videos he has a looper that feeds directly into a manual grains. How do i set something like that up? I can do the looper easily but cant figure out how to have the signal pass through to the manual grains unit in real time? Also would want the grains to pass its signal to another real time looper in the chain.

I know this is probably a dumb question but any help greatly appreciated. Also any specifc links to tutorials / threads about triggering also appreciated. Im slowly working through this forum and the videos of course but i find that, unless im also trying to replicate what i see/read on my 301 then i miss simple steps that are required.


the manual grains does not accept any audio input. I usually just place a grains to the right of a looper for easy access.

The grains unit will essentially ‘block’ any signal to the left of it. So the only way to get signal into the grains unit is by assigning it to share the same buffer file the looper. Then you’ll be good to go! BTW, same concept applies for sample players. They do not have audio inputs.

If you want to be able to hear both on the same chain, you’d have to put each within a mixer unit.

As the Looper accepts an input signal for recording, you can absolutely place one to the right of the grains unit, but again, you need to assign it a buffer file. Take a look in the unit’s header menu.


Thx Neil. Explanation much appreciated. Will give it a go later