Newbiest question incoming : can we recall presets using voltages?

Hi dears, that’s newbiest. I can imagine your face reading that but that’s … a real question: can we recall presets using voltages ?

I read and re read that:

I know it could “cost” processor work to do that but this is something I’d really need so, I could even accept a blackout or hang in the process as I’d anticipate that.

currently seeking for eurorack modules with presets and presets recall through voltages


We can’t do that and I wouldn’t imagine that this would ever be something implemented. If you’re willing to accept a ‘black out’ why wouldn’t you just do it manually? Perhaps if you could share the use case, there are other ways to accomplish your goal?

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because changing a preset in my live performances is not something on which I want to focus. but that’s just me probably. my needs I mean.

I don’t know that it exactly equates to preset recall. But there’s something on the way called ‘hold mode.’ O|D is keeping it a bit of a secret for now. :slight_smile:

Have a look here as well at some of the planned features.

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At the moment, there is no external control of preset loading. However, I’m open to and collecting ideas for how and why to do it. Specific details are greatly appreciated!


allow me to challenge your idea of preset;
instead of “presets” per se, how about sample chains, where the same cv changes each sample chain to the next slice?
there’s other options too, that even i have been meaning to try with the bump scanner and 4 mixers with my “patches” in each, which are really just 4 whole different worlds for a liveset. i keep thinking it up, just haven’t wrapped my head around the round robin/bump scanner/switchable world possible with the 301.
welcome, julien.
we’re all n00bz to someone.

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CV over “bypass” perhaps?!

I’m with Julien here, and I was just speaking to another eurorack manufacturer about this very thing (CV preset changing)

I imagine a track of my ER101 handling event duties in the ER301 with two cv in and a gate, incredible. Or better yet, event changes being handled by Max/MSP to CV using the Expert Sleepers ES8…

Like @julienbayle changing/loading/presets has to be one of the most un-expressive/interesting things to do, especially when playing live. Being able to have event chains and know that X time into a perform Y change will take place, would be incredible.

Anyway that’s a big +1


I’ve never found the gap between songs when a live band is playing to be uninteresting at all. :thinking: So I must be misunderstanding this point. Initially, I thought the request was more along the lines of automating preset changing so that you are less likely to screw it up…


I guess it depends on how long those gaps are :joy:


well, it depends on your performing style. if you are playing “songs” i dont see any problem in having a small break between songs, on the opposite, people usually appreciate that moment to let the song that just finished sort of soak in
but if your style is more a magmatic continuum of sound i can see the point in switching project on the er-301 in a more automated way, especially given the impressive amount of things you can have it doing during a live set. maybe i want to use it as a looper, mainly, for the first part of the performance, but with a live input used as send fx (delay, verb, whatever), while in the second part i want to load up a synth i made but keeping the live input the same…
even more interesting might be the ability to load not entire projects but chains with cv\gate…so one can just swap one chain while keeping the rest of the internal setup intact…


I am much more inclined to go with the chain swapping rather than whole module state, I think! I don’t really know, just guessing :slight_smile:


Along the lines of what someone else said, is there any reason you couldn’t program a patch preset nested into a mixer channel and use a gate to open it up at the appropriate moment? You could have 2 mixers that contain your patch loaded at all times on 2 different channels and use two gates from your 101 to open them at the right time - basically a self running DJ. You could add more mixer patches and more gates to do more - bouncing between channel groupings and mixers. Combined with something like the SSSR Labs SM010, you could also repatch your whole system automatically.


Actually, as I’m completely hybridating my setup by merging modular / computer / machines with Live + Max at the core. So I’m very very seeking for modules able to save/recall presets internally using external CV. BRAIDS and meta mode, shapeshifter and powerful presets changing, and ??? I’m seeking more sound source, actually.

Me too.
This is also why I can easily accept a certain loading time too.
But focusing on sound itself, I need the preset to load automatically. This is not “ok I go to the song 5 on stage so I have to think to change the sound from a bass to a pad” but more “I go to the song 5” and the magic I designed in studio just happening and I only focus on sound popping out.
Maybe it doesn’t make sense for some :open_mouth:

I wouldn’t do that and I guess Brian won’t do that too. It would mean to keep all nested chains running at any time.

Ableton did a huge job for optimizing chains in racks in order to save cpu when some chains are not commuted and ended their reverb/delays tails.
That would mean doing that here.

I guess I don’t understand the utility vs the effort but that’s OK. So are you going to build a playlist or are you wanting it to happen more sporadically?

The sound doesn’t stop during my sets until the end.

But if I’m to think objectively, it doesn’t either in the 250+ live modular sets I’ve seen in the past few years.

I recall a hand few of electronic musicians stopping for changes.

I like the not screwing it up part too, cause that’s certainly possible if you fumble, can’t see, etc.

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I guess my question to Brian is, why not implement it? (I understand if it’s a nightmare under the hood)

CV control to me, is much like automation on computers (that’s how I think of it), where I see state recall to be pretty common. Obviously this has been pretty rare in modular in the past, but when we start seeing modules like the 301 appear, why not combine the best of both Worlds.

my 2c - I’m not going to be broken if it never materializes, but I’d love to forget about those changes in my live sets, it’s certainly the part where I feel most disconnected from my tools & more importantly disconnected from the audience. I’d like to rectify that.

(you know that staring deeply into the module to read the text to make sure you’ve selected the correct preset)

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I’m not sure how familiar you are with Teletype but it can speak to Er-301 through I2C. May be worth exploring.

I should qualify that I’m new to both and have no idea if this is possible but it seems that this may be on the right path.

Haha. This would imply that I should implement everything that is not a nightmare to implement. Oh boy! :exploding_head: That would be a nightmare.

Careful! I take pleasure in contrarian behavior just for the sake of it. :turkey: :turkey: :turkey:

How will you know when the preset is done loading? Is there some kind of timing requirement?

Isn’t this a different kind of preset recall? In fact, I would argue that in the case of Braids and Shapeshifter it is more like changing a large number of (already loaded) synthesis parameters en masse to get large changes in output. This is very different from, for example, loading another Max/MSP project along with all of the audio samples that it might be referencing.

I see no problem with cross-fading. if you can get all of the sub-mixes to fit CPU- and memory-wise, it is a very elegant and powerful solution. Probably the optimal solution in terms of audio quality.

I know it is common to trigger a new scene row on Ableton but AFAIK it is not common to load a new Ableton project under MIDI control, right?

May I have a concrete example of a common preset recall situation that you encounter in your live sets?

Are we OK with the possibility that bumping the cable responsible for triggering preset changes might cause the current (or some other) preset to be (re)loaded mid-song?

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Just to summarize the suggestions so far:

  • Triggering a quicksave to be loaded. Don’t care how long it takes. Or what is sounds like.
  • Toggling the unit bypass via external trigger

Did I miss anything?


For me it would be so powerful like that.
In this specific setup, I used to use a kind of trigger/modulation inputs same architecture with the ER301. It means I’d use preset in that particular way. This trigger input always for "triggering something in the first channel ". They other input to modulate "that FX on the second channel " etc.
All my quicksaves (sorry for not having used the right term in place of preset) would fit that architecture.

So. Yes I’d be very interested.
And I’d use ER301 not in my improvisation oriented rack, but in my other one. Which is a huge nice integration.