Next batch

I’m so sorry to ask this as I’m sure it’s been asked a thousand times but is there any indication of when the next run of ER-301s will be? I’m watching one on Reverb but it’s £1,500 which feels really expensive and semi exploitative.

Thanks :slight_smile:


As soon as I have an idea I will tweet it for everyone. I’m actively working on it but there are many parts to be acquired and/or find replacements. It’s a big ole mess.

Yeah, I wouldn’t pay that.


Which is good because I can’t afford it anyways :joy:

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Thanks Brian. I’ll hold out for the time being and keep my fingers crossed that the stars align for me soon

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Thank you, Brian.
I am so excited to finally get the 301 once it’s available again!

I am literally checking the OD twitter page everyday for an update. :grimacing: I’ve been dreaming about getting the ER-301 for too long now, I need one in my life.

Here’s a tip if you want to get rid of this stress inducing behavior: Create an If this then that applet that sends you a mail when odevices sends a tweet. The first few applets are free, so if you only use it for this, there’s no cost and it takes maybe a minute to set up.


Hi Brian,

I’ve been trying to justify going aftermarket but the only ER-301s to pop up on the US/EU markets are now asking at least ~$2,200 before shipping :grimacing:

I happen to be one of the very unlucky ER-301 customers who had my PayPal payment accepted March 29, 2020 just ahead of many of the widespread pandemic shutdowns. After waiting around 8 weeks my order was unexpectedly canceled by OD and payment refunded May 25, 2020 citing shipping difficulties. It was a bummer but I held out hope that since I had already submitted my order & payment successfully my place in line would be honored and I’d be prioritized accordingly the next time orders opened up. Something as simple as an email asking if I’d like to restart my previous order ahead of the next batch’s public announcement was really all I was looking for. Alas, subsequently there was suddenly a new batch of 301s available and orders filled up instantly as they tend to do. I realized there wasn’t going to be any continuity with my original successful order so then all I could do was hold out to catch one of the next preorders as a “new” customer, but my attempts since have been frustratingly unsuccessful :frowning:.

So with all that longwinded context, my question boils down to: would it be possible for customers in this situation (who had their orders previously accepted & canceled by OD) to get on some kind of a priority waitlist ahead of the next batch? I’m happy to follow up directly on our 2020 email thread to coordinate my re-order if that’s something you’d consider.

Thank you kindly for your attention - I understand that coordinating many orders across customers can be very time consuming. Totally get it. I’m just asking to complete my original transaction request one way or another without having to stress about continually failing a pitch perfect approach at the almighty and painfully unforgiving preorder altar.


Yes. I will attempt to contact canceled orders first when the time comes.


Thank you! I’ll send a follow up email shortly to make sure I’m in the queue.

Take care,

Thanks for the email. Just so we are clear, there is no queue or waiting list at this time.

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Understood, thanks!

Hi, I’d like to add a supplementary question about orders to Europe (if you don’t mind). I sent a tweet, but I guess there’s so many you probably don’t reply to all or many. Anyhow, my simple question is about shipping price to Europe, since there seems to be no mention on the shop page - only the modules price.

Could you tell me how much I have to add to the 99,000 jpy?

Naturally, if some European buyers can update me on costs, taxes too, I’d be most grateful (I’m in Belgium, if that’s of any use).

Thanks in advance - Joesh

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I recently received a Sport Modulator II from America, was 6 six days in transit from door to door! Whether because of the general state of the world or shortages of staff therein, the module landed here, to me, without going through a bonded warehouse and swerved any import duty.

Normally we here would add 22% to the price as a fair guideline to the final receipt price should you be unfortunate enough to get collared by the authorities. Buts its still a fantastic investment. And pond for pound is worth more than gold

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Thanks for the info.

I’m totally sure when I buy something that it will be worth the money I wasn’t worried about that, but, as I said it’s useful to know in the first place what the upfront charges will be practically to then move onto the next step. However, I would say the challenge here is not so much that (price), but the difficulty in even seeing the tweets (or whatever) announcing the possibility to buy one of these modules.

Lastly, sadly, I see ER-301s on Modular Grid second hand starting at 1600€, which, if I understand the JPY to Euro exchange rate (and including 22% taxes etc), is really a total ripoff. And although it’s non of my business, but it’s sad to see people taking advantage of ODs small production rate at the cost of others.

Apologies @joesh I didn’t mean to patronise you. However many people ditch the device after acquiring one because its more than they can handle or isn’t as fluid a device in comparison to less complex and quicker to realise devices.

I agree with your sentiment concerning the outrageous inflation others might add to the price point of the 301 and some do substantiate that privateer behaviour in taking the hit.

There are occasionally fair minded individuals who when deciding the module they purchased is not sympathetic to their work flow or time constraints pass the machine on at a reasonable price, so, keep looking and keep patient as I’m confident one will pop up when you least expect it at a cost closer to the MRP as set by @odevices in the event his stock remains unavailable to you.

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Hey @joncharliefeathers no offence taken. I indeed understand what you’re talking about. I have to say, it’s always a bit of a problem making choices when talking about modules such as these, especially as finding people (that you know) with one that you can try out is very difficult/unlikely. As I said elsewhere, I bit the bullet (at the time) and bought a Sythstrom Deluge (a similar price) after seeing some reviews, and don’t regret it.

Yes, it’s odd how this module is unlike others in the Eurorack market. Most people resell the modules at the same price or less. This one seems to inspire people to try and make an extra buck on the back of @odevices small production runs.

Lastly, I hadn’t thought about this, but if anyone else sees this post who lives in Belgium and wouldn’t mind a fellow synthesist popping round to a have a little play or demonstration, please feel free to drop me a line.

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You’re welcome to drop by any time!

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Thanks … you’re in Belgium?

I think I can drop you a private mail (here), I’ll give it a go to exchange details.

I’m in Belgium too. Brussels area.