Next firmware release

is there an eta on the massive er-301 update?!

I should have it out by April 7th (i.e. before the ER-301 orders reopen). Please allow me to curb your expectations though: It is a massive update BUT most of its massiveness is behind the scenes. The majority of the changes in this next release were required for the upcoming plugin framework.

Your patience will be rewarded! :smile_cat:


Can’t sleep, like a kid on Xmas eve :heart_eyes:

Right?? Haha! And I’m already a kid in a candy store as it is now! :slight_smile:

Brian, with this massive update, will this be a crossroads moment of compatibility or will the new mega-update still handle “legacy” patches?


Miraculously, I have not touched the preset format, hence patches from previous versions should (will!) load fine.

Can you guys please stop putting words like mega and massive in front of the word update? :fearful: You are giving me performance anxiety. :laughing:


I’ll just leave this here:

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Haha - your words not mine! :sunglasses:

I was going to release the new firmware today (along with the reopening of orders) but I would like another 2 days or so to clean some stuff up. I hope you don’t mind! :bow:


I do understand your need for more time! But here goes my weekend plan…

Patience is a virtue, and I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!?! :slight_smile:

Honestly though, I trust you know what’s best, I’m sure it’ll be great once it is here! :slight_smile:

I was driving around wondering why today was supposed to be special and I just remembered, saw the firmware wasn’t different and immediately came crawling here. I’m down to wait a while for Brian to work his magic!

The suspense! :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at this open tab and every time I see a new message pop-up I’m clicking over here to see if it’s time yet…like you said Neil, “The suspense!”

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Brian, enjoy the sakura.

Trust, admiration, and years of joy.

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Looking forward to this when it’s ready :wink: