No input feedback machine / global chains

yesterday i created this rather random recording of the er301 in a feedback loop:

the patch is quite complex but i think i will develop this further, the 301 is suited for these feedback patches:

channel 1: mixer with lpf, resonance around 25%, cutoff modulated by random voltage from outside.
global chain: mixer with lpf followed by hpf. resonance and cutoff of both filters modulated by random voltage from outside, resonance never gets into selfoscillation.
back to channel 1: assign output of global chain as input to mixer.
back to global chain: assign output of channel 1 as input to global chain: FEEDBACK

channel 2: recorder with input channel 1 output, muted. manual grain with shared buffer, trigger from outside random gates, speed and duration modulated by output of global chain (envelope follower).
player with assigned field recording of birds. speed gets modulated by output of global chain (envelope follower). output channel 2 to main output.

i really like that global chains can be inputs everywhere and i thought why even make patches on regular chains. so my possibly ignorant and stupid question: would it be possible to get access of single units as modulation sources and inputs rather than global chains…in a way, make every unit, or maybe just mixer outputs global? i often find myself in a situation where i want crossmodulation between units and since i’m used to modular i always want to tap directly onto an output of a certain unit, completely disregarding the signal flow of the er301.


First of all this is quite bonkers - I like it :slight_smile:

Agree that feedback is a really good thing to explore, it’s very Serge-like in this regard and I too am looking forward to further developments with the routing.

Crazy patch and a cool idea. Sounds very ciat Lombardy :slight_smile:

Nice track, @kilchhofer!

I’d like that too. Totally agree about the desire/mentality to tap an output of something where it sits. For now, the copy/cut/paste feature has been a big boon for me in that regard. When I realize I’ve built something on a channel that I now want available globally, that’s a really easy to move it. Maybe more stuff like this is coming with topology units and other new features.