Noob question 3: volume toggle

within a chain of events (delays and stuff) I want to be able to have a VCA (volume control) to behave like this : one press (on a button on an external source) volume is high, second press volume is 0, third press volume is high etc. etc. etc.

how do I achieve this?

Add a custom Gate control to your VCA unit and change the type to “Toggle”. Then you jump into the subchain of the built-in level parameter of the VCA and connect it to this custom control with a Gain of 1. That’s it!

You can then go ahead and connect the external CV to your custom Gate. Depending on what you are doing it might be a good idea to add some slew to the subchain of the level control to avoid clicks (abrupt audio cut off).

but ofcouse, thx!
it’s a lot to take in as a first week user, but getting there