Noob question about 6track and raw/card player

What I did before:

  1. Record 2 channels audio via 6track.
  2. Download to laptop => (make some audio cleaning) = > convert to 1 stereo track=>send to card=>
  3. use stereo audio file with ER301 players

What I want (to remove laptop from the steps):

  1. Record 2 channels audio via 6 track (I dont know can I record 2(4/6) channels to one bounced stereo file or not)
  2. Use it in raw/card player as stereo audio file.

Please help me with easiest way how to do this.

Thank you.

It you move the cursor to between two recorder slots you can link them as a stereo pair and it will save a single stereo file.

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Thank you very much! I know that there is an easy way to do a stereo. but didn’t know how)