Noob question about channels (as the wiki is down)

is it possible with a control on a custom unit to also have an effect on other channels?

Welcome to the forum @Cinema_Perdu! The channels are independant from each other and the only way to interact between them is through global units and by pulling in audio from their outputs. There is no way to affect another channel from a custom unit control. Actually you can only affect parameters within the unit itself, and not for example another unit on the same channel. Does that answer you question? What are you trying to do exactly?

First of all thanks for the quick answer
it’s only the second day i’ve got the er 301. (and thanks to the video’s of Neil Parfitt i do understand a bit)

i was experimenting with feedbackloopers on 2 channels to get a pseudo stereo (which i intended to do). So mono in on channel 1, then 2 feedbackloopers (with 2 separate buffer length)
the same on channel 2 (but audio coming in from channel 1).
i wanted to punch both feedbackloopers on both channels at the same time.

an other related question, is there a way to clear the buffer from a feedbacklooper (with punch (or latch) from an external input ( say A3))

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I think maybe what you want is a true stereo channel, instead of pseudo? If you are on v0.4 you can just push two channel buttons at the same time to link these two channels in a stereo channel. On v0.3 you need to do this is in the admin area settings.

You can connect any paramater to any patch point on the unit so yes, reset, punch, clear and so forth can be triggered with an external signal of your choosing. Just jump in the subchain of the parameter and set the input as you wish.