Noob question regarding input-values


If I send a 0-10 volt cv to ER-301, will the module process this in the range 0-10 or 0-1 or something else?

Is there any way to view or check output values or range of a chain?

-10V should produce -1.0
+10V should produce 1.0

Simplest way to see it is to flip the switch to Admin, go into settings, and set:

Displayed value for unit control readouts to actual.

Now insert an Offset unit, set its bias to 0.0 and gain to 1.0. Connect your external voltage into one of the ABCDx inputs, and set the Offsets unit’s subchain source to the one you connected. the Offset value should now show what the external voltage is being converted to by the ADCs.


Thanks a lot. Just what I needed.