North Salad — auto random reverse looper


Here’s a very simple custom unit — put it on a stereo channel, by default it takes mono input into IN1 and clock (or any pulse train) into A1. It creates random tempo-synced repetitions at +/- 1,2,3x speed that go through randomized grain delay for stereo feel. It’s really simple but I quite like it.

Needs Joe’s Pingable Scaled Random bespoke unit.

The name was auto generated by the 301. It was so fitting that I decided to adopt it. Thanks Brian!

Playing with Max Length in the Manual Loops unit yields fruit. This control can’t be manipulated externally so diving in is necessary.

Checked on v. 0.4.19

north salad.unit (56.1 KB)

Here’s the version from @a773 that works with the stereo chain’s left input:
north salad a773.unit (58.3 KB)


this kind of stuff is one of the areas where the 301 really shines imho :slight_smile:
i mean manipulation of recording and playback - musique concrète style!
i’m working on a different yet similar concept with my Fibophon (you can check some in the 301 music thread)
excellent job!

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Just tried the salad, but couldn’t make it do anything. I just threw it in a signal chain, am I missing something?

Did you take care of the 4 requirements mentioned in the OP?

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No, sorry about that.

I attached a modified version that works like I’d expect (input from the left in the chain, also cleared the A1 sync. Feel free to discard :slight_smile:
north salad a773.unit (58.3 KB)


Thanks a lot! I’ve just returned from a work trip and didn’t have the ER-301 to do it there!