Not doing a great job at gain control and tuning

Most my recordings tend to be clipped. I usually run Veils’ outputs into the ER-301 and I’ll run the Veils pretty hot when I get carried away. What is the common sense method here?

I’ve mentioned this before but I feel it’s time I get my three oscillators playing harmonically with each other. :weary: Are you guys using external tuners for setting up yours oscs? :grimacing:

Don’t do that? :slight_smile: If you mean that individual voices are fine solo but the mix is clipping, I usually just use the move to mixer feature and adjust audio levels.

I typically tune my oscillators with Mordax Data, though sometimes I’ll tune by ear against a Sin Oscillator from the ER-301.

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It’s more like I’m running Veils into the red without understanding what red entails. I have a noisy signal chain to my broken soundcard and faulty monitor cables. So I just turn it up! Not very smart and not an excuse :smiley: for the current patch I’m more or less recording the mono output from Veils. I’d just like to gather my steps somewhere down the signal chain line and understand what a mess the recording will be if I don’t make some adjustments. What if a 301 unit which is subjected to/produces a clipping signal had its colors inverted? Or I just deal with it myself! :blush:

Tuning in FM and wavefolding land continues to be a struggle. I should probably add some external tuning method to what I’m doing…

I’d probably start with replacing that gear. :slight_smile: Guessing the other issues would just disappear without much more effort after that. It’s kind of hard to get a good mix without good monitoring and a clean signal path.

Yeah, definitely, tuning has to be pretty precise if you’re trying to hit the ‘harmonic sweet spots’ in FM, AM, phase mod, etc. A software tuner like a VST plugin in your DAW works fine too (if you aren’t going through a noisy signal path into a broken sound card, of course).

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Oooh nifty feature on Veils… linear! I should use it in linear mode so it doesn’t run so hot. More generally on gain structure (trying to keep this 301 relevant) - using a VCA for mixing/setting levels without the influence of CV, this thread has me confused. Log, lin and exp are not super easy.

This illustration is helpful, for me, for exp vs lin. I love the spaceship that sealed it for me.


Similarly I’m also trying to navigate the compressor settings the 301 has to offer. I want to become better at using the 6 track recorder for finished tracks.

All I’ve been doing is tuning by ear. I realised I need to start playing stuff for (musician) friends. some feedback is that tuning hasn’t been an issue as much as a lack of melodic or hamornic parts. That sounds like hot garbage and of course most of it is.

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There is no compressor in the ER-301 yet but have you read the wiki on the Limiter unit?

Maybe that would be useful for you.

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