Note repeat / ratcheting with triggers

would it be possible to have the default value of the trigger length in note repeat mode user definable (in the config file)?
usually the default value of 0.5ms is too much for what i use ratcheting for. the shortest value would be great so the repeated triggers resemble ghost notes rather than louder fills.

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@odevices ?

Added to the request tracker.

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I am experiencing difficulties with the new IME MKIII modules not reacting to ER-101 trigger signals.

A kind of workaround is to lengthen them with a teletype script but that would eat up teletype script slots pretty fast.

I found that a trigger length of 15 ms works and now wonder if it could be possible to set that on the ER-101 (while still using ratcheting).

from the manual: “The range for triggers is 0.1ms to 9.9ms in 0.1ms increments”
ratcheting defaults to the above mentioned fixed 0.5 ms.

15 ms is extremely long for a trigger, i would use gates and set the length accordingly no?

I have read the manual and I don’t think that 15ms are extremely long for a trigger.

Using gates would mean to deny ratcheting, rely on quite complex and inflexible sequence programming with repeating steps and so on. I guess the math of clock division / gate length to get 15 ms gate signals would be quite awkward too.

What’s wrong with asking for flexible trigger length? It is useful and already possible, just not compatible with the ratcheting function…just as in your use case above. :thinking:

absolutely nothing wrong with your question, sorry you seem to have taken my message wrong :bowing_man:
i am in favour of flexible trigger lengths, that’s why i started this thread and brian put it on the request tracker.

because it isn’t possible now and brian is working on it i thought i answer.
you can ratchet in gate mode, that’s certainly possible!


Ah, sorry for reacting so sensitive. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I ratchet in gate mode I don’t really get what I would expect - how does one set gate length when ratcheting? Maybe I just misunderstood something…

no problem,
the gate length seems to be fixed too when ratcheting in gate mode.
but i don’t know the exact length.
it seems that with ratcheting it is not possible to get your desired 15 ms.
may i ask what IME module you speak of? normally a eurorack trigger is between 0.1 and 10ms,
(i use a doepfer a162 for delaying and shorten/lengthen of triggers)

Yes, I think both, gate and trigger are fixed in length when ratcheting. Therefore I hoped for some way to set them. Writing into configuration file would be fine. I also need shorter trigger signals for other stuff but with the IME modules it is more crucial for me to get it working than for example with the D-1000, wich needs really short trigger signals.

Unfortunately none of the MKIII IME modules does work with ER-101 trigger signals.

Hello, not exactly the same subject but it was the closest !

I am not able to reproduce the beahavior describe in the manual for ratcheting with triggers.

If you enable note repeat (ratchet) while in trigger mode, then the trigger length defaults to 0.5ms and the
GATE value now determines how many times the trigger will fire during the duration of the step. Notice,
this is slightly different from the gate mode’s note repeat

When I enable note repeat with trigger the beahvior is exactly the same as with gate output.
→ with a duration of 4, step will repeat twice with GATE = 1

Anybody could help me understand ?