Note to trigger

Hi guys, I have been using one of the channel on my ER301 as a drum machine, with a variable sample player and selecting the slice with cv from my sequencer.
The thing is I would like to have different effects on different sounds, but I don’t have more cv channels to control a different sampler.
So, is there any way with the existing units to select different chains/sounds with different CV values?
Something like a note to trigger made with comparators maybe? Let’s say I have to sample players, one with a kick and another with a snare, and I would like to trig one with C3 and the other with D3 coming from the same CV.

Any ideas?

I’m sure there should be a bump-scanner involved.

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I think it’s something it can be made with logic, comparator and bump scanner but still nothing consistent by now…

Yeah just set different threshold values for the gate input?

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In that case when you trig for example D3 (more volts than C3), both sounds would be triggered, I think I need to understang better logic and comparators to have thresholds above and below the target voltage