Notification for hitting 'enter'?

Digging in to the 301 a bit and loving how intuitive it is.

I was watching Neil’s videos, and learning fast. There are a number of situations in Neil’s videos in which he says “it is not evident that you need to hit < enter > in this situation, but you do”. Many of these times, it might be misleading based on the labeling in the 301 to hit ‘load’ or similar… so, you might go into a sub-menu that you didn’t mean to and then you need to back out of it. Would it be possible in a future rev of the OS to have the enter option labeled?

Here’s an example: you make a sample looper, you define a sample buffer by allocating it into the pool, and then you need to highlight it and then hit enter. Even having the cursor flash here (or a tiny bit of text in the flashed area that reads “hit enter to select” etc would be helpful.

Just thinking out loud… including an image to illustrate how frequently this prompt would come up. Or maybe I need some more time with the 301 and this is really no big deal…