O | D and Superbooth 2018 or other Venues?

Any chance we’ll be seeing Orthogonal Devices (Ie: Brian) at Superbooth next year? Not sure if he does them.


This would be great!

I made every effort I could to promote the ER-301 this last year there, but an official presence would be awesome and a great opportunity for an O|D ‘meet up’ :smiley:


it would be great to meet Neil too, we all know his voice sound already ! mouhahaha !

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I will be there in Berlin, looking forward to it.

brian, will you be at the modular festival in tokyo in november?

Neil should have an hourly slot w/ his 301, singing bowls and cat for doppler racecars and general mayhem :smile_cat: the ER’s would fly off the shelf!

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I need to get to TFOM this year! It’s like a Yamanote line train at Shinjuku during rushour… with modular.

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Yikes - I was going to try and get there one day too… but that puts me off more than anything - I like my personal space bubble!

Me too, but I think the appeal of that much stuff would help me get over it at least one time.