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Octave Quantizer?


I’m a little confused about the end goal myself. Hoping we get to hear an audio demo of what the result is! :slight_smile:


Yeah I had trouble getting the results I was imagining but after some time pondering I think an octave sequencer is the easiest for what I’m trying to achieve. At first i thought I could make an octave quantiser and just use clock synced lfos to create the shifts. This would still be amazing if I can figure it out so i may keep trying.
The reason I’m trying to do this is I love the sound of musically related pitch shifts, particularly octave shifts, in delays and loopers. Think Chase bliss audio Thermae, Mannequins W/ when doubling or halving the speed or Monome MLR speed control patterns. I currently use my beast chalkboard to manually do octave switching to my sample players but I’d prefer to free it up for standard VCO duties.
Am I on the right track?

Here is my first attempt using a track from Kria to sequence just the octaves:

On a side note, one day I’d love to see a unit or control that is only musically related values like this:
So if Im changing the speed of sample player from 0 to 1 octave or 0 to a 5th above it just switches to those values. It would be a truly wonderful addition.


Check out Frequency Central Trans Europa !


But this is what quantizers and sequencers are for…:thinking:


But Im trying to achieve this as a live control not as a pre programmed one.
As I perform my patch I like shifting octaves manually and/or via modulation. I really enjoy using my triatt’s and voltage block to control parameters within the 301. Having a parameter I can quickly change octaves would be what Im talking about. Would be great to have an octave parameter on the vco units and any unit that has an octave parameter. A unit that is purely an octave shifter would be great too, something similar to the beast chalkboard but with a larger octave range.

Originally creating an octave quantizer was how I thought I could add this parameter to custom units. Just drop the octave quantizer on the v/oct input and assign its control and you have octave shifting.
Would there be a way to make the offset unit into an octave shifter? I cant remember if the offset parameter can be modulated, hope so.

Joe’s Voltage block unit is a really great (Thanks @Joe) but for this it requires a lot of setup time. Ive also noticed if I set up my voltages then copy the VB to another unit I loose the captured voltages.

I think it would make sense having this unit in the arsenal but I completely understand how busy you are and if its not part of the 301 vision.