OD Live Footage

Thought it’d be cool to have a thread for live footage of the ER-101, ER-102 & ER-301 in action.
Here’s BlueWolfSe7en & VCOADSR at last years Bells & Whistles, Crackles & Pops hosted by the ledendary Ross Lamond, enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing these up! I had a great time just now watching these with headphones while at my favorite coffee spot. (I was suppose to be working on the wiki :smile_cat:)

I was cheering whenever you guys twiddled something on the ER-101/102 and booing whenever you touched another module. (Joking about the last part of course)


@BlueWolfSe7en Thanks for posting Phil!!

I reposted the links so you get the vids directly in the thread.

Here’s the link to my live modular set from this year’s Brighton Modular Meet a couple of weeks ago - you aren’t able to see my rig but I was using two ER101/102 sequencers (one to sequence my drums and the other to sequence the melodic parts) and a ER301 to run various samples and internal ER301 synth voices including some simple FM and sine bass lines. I’ll be doing a variation on this, a big one, at the Leeds Modular Meet this year :wink:

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Nice @vcoadsr - I really liked the clangorous noises about 28 mins in :slight_smile:

Wish I could have made it to Brighton, sounds like everyone had a good time!!

@vcoadsr I’ve seen you use that mixer in other videos… it’s the Richie Hawtin thing yes? How do you find it for modular? Good? I assumed it was a DJ mixer.

Thanks! :+1:
Yeah, the end portion was my favourite bit too, the clanging noises are a couple of different kitchen pans being whacked in my bathroom & pitched down :smile:

Yeah, it’s the Model 1 Playdifferently mixer by Mr Hawtin and Allen & Heath. I love it & works really well with my modular, everything is stereo which is great & having LPF & HPF on every channel is one of the most important things for me especially with modular so I can tweak the sounds from the modular without having to have twelve extra filters in my modular to do this. Yeah, your right it is a DJ mixer but works well the way I use it.

This makes loads of sense, but… RCA connectors? :scream:

I’m fine with it, a bit of a hassle but I got a bunch of cables from Farnell that work great.
One very nice thing is the DSUB connections on the back - I made some dedicated DSUB-3.5mm cables which mean setting up at gigs is loads easier as the 3.5mm end is already connected to the various modules and I just have to plug in two DSUB connectors!

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Oh nice - that makes loads more sense :slight_smile:

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Myself & iPassenger from Op-Tronica Sheffield
ER 301/101/102 from me.
IPassenger I believe was using the ER-301 for drums?

Might have accidentally bought another 101/102 combo, oops!!!

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Ta fella. Yeah 301 was doing drums and some processing here n there. 101 + 102 were doing pretty much all the sequencing, minus some Turing patterns from an ornaments and crime