Odd issue with Sample player not triggering audio on full sample without another track playing

I just got a 301 and I’m a little confused about something odd I’m finding. I recorded some short samples of my daughter speaking, but for some reason the Sample Player only plays the loudest parts of the sample unless there is another track playing sound. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here?


May I ask you to save your OUTx chain as a chain preset and drop it here? That way I can take a look at how you have it setup.

Yeah I’ll get that to you in a few days. Out of town and away from the 301 right now. Thanks for the quick reply!

Actually I played with it again and it seems like because the sample starts out quiet and gets very loud, the 301 was normalizing towards the loud part to avoid coming in too hot. Once I upped the gain and put a limiter on it, the sample started playing correctly. Does that sound right?

Except the ER-301 does not have any automatic gain control like this implemented. So I’m still quite confused about your issue. Especially since you stated that the sample plays differently on your computer.

Okay, this is so odd. It’s my actual monitors clipping the sample. If I plug my headphones into my audio interface vs out to my mixer, everything plays without issue.

Does your mixer have level or clipping indicators? If it is a gain-staging problem then somewhere you have the gain turned up too high. I guess also make sure you are not plugged into a (preamp) mic input or hi-Z input on your mixer. Only use the line inputs.

Use a full-range test signal like a 220Hz sine from the ER-301 Sine Osc unit (w/ level set to 1). It will be easy to hear when it starts distorting and clipping.

Cool thanks. I’ll give this sound calibration a go this weekend. I also have to chase down something odd in my power chain. Ever since I added 301 to my chain SOMETIMES, plugging in a new wire or hitting start stop on my Pamela’s New Workout will randomly restart my entire chain.

Yeah it was a stupid noise gate on my mixer. Now all is good. Thanks!