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Odevices Bike Adventure Update


Did you wear your cycling gear at the wedding or ship over a suit? :smiley:

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That’s certianly one way to keep it real!!



Just saw this, so cool! Cycling is also a passion of mine. Great looking adventure.

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So Brian, have you ever heard of a Velomobile?

Touring with weather protection, higher efficiency, faster, safer, etc.

Here is mine:

Essentially it’s a recumbent trike with a fairing.



I had not heard of those. :open_mouth:
Looks like you are going to break speed records in Death Valley!

I spent my winter cycling time on cyclocross :sweat_smile: but I’m starting to eye some brevets.



Just got this as well:

Toxy ZR

I’m commuting to work full time these days, and I’ve always been infatuated with how fast human power could get us going. These low racer style recumbents are good for going fast. (Not as fast as a velo) But the main advantage is that you are just not sore even after hours in your neck, back, butt, groin, wrists, or arms. It’s like riding in a lawn chair.

The only disadvantage is hills, as you can’t stand and use your body weight. It’s all your legs and nothing else.

However, while this isn’t practical for touring, there are recumbents which just are amazing at it. You can ride for 10+ hours every day fully loaded no problems.

Do you know if recumbents are a thing in Japan or in the places you’ve been while on tour?



I wonder what an off-road recumbent would look like? :thinking:

Now that you mentioned it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on the road here in Japan. When it comes to cycling culture in general, I think the whole world has a ways to go before it catches up with Europe.



Here is an Azub Max as one of many possible examples:





That chain is incredibly long!



Oh yeah! Front wheel drive bikes are not that plentiful, just turns out that power to the rear tire is more practical for most applications. Velos, have long chains as well, but the chain is completely enclosed and does not have to deal with the elements.

I love my diamond frame still, but it’s hard to argue with the engineering improvements that recumbents offer, not to mention the speed improvements.



Alas it seems it is going the other way; Hanoi is now a motorised cacophony whereas just a short time ago it was all bicycles, Hoi An is a bit further behind, but it’s going the same way.

I’ve never seen bikes ridden so elegantly!

Or so insanely overloaded:

It’s nuts! Vietnamese are crazy - they love it!!