Offset gates?

Really basic question I think. Curious what’s the best way to offset an incoming gate - but keeping it in time? A clocked delay following the gate signal? With that said I’m curious what the “offset” insert is primarily being used for by people?


If you mean the Offset unit, then that’s like a precision adder, if that helps?

If you mean to offset the time, as in delay the incoming trigger/gate to play later, then yes, a Fixed Delay at 100% wet will do the job nicely, just workout your timing, or do it by ear!


Thanks Kel. While I have u. Trying to figure out the best way to take an incoming cv note signal and have some insert randomly react to the note and select between a handful of other notes. So if I played a C on a keyboard - the Er would play a variable of notes in the same key. Is that possible? I could always do the delayed gate and have a random CV coming in, but I thought it would be cool to make something more intensional within the ER…

So I understand correctly, you would like to keep hitting only the C key but play any one random note from a predefined selection, is that right?

I figured it out, or at least the most uncomplicated way - is to duplicate the voice and change its tuning. - but was curious if there is a sexier way to add inserts to change the tuning reflexive to any note I play - like counter notes in the same key.

Hehe, I’m really not following you, not sure what ‘inserts’ or ‘tuning reflexive’ mean, but I can kinda guess so perhaps here’s an idea that might help:

You can create a sample chain with the selection of notes you would like, slice it per note and add a random offset to the incoming note on the slice selection parameter. This might take a bit of adjusting to get the settings right.

If you find a good solution, please do share it as I am curious about what you’re actually trying to achieve here :slight_smile:

Good luck!!

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I think you want a uScale II using the shift mode.