Offsetting 12-Tet addressed slice index by semitones?

I’ve got a set of mellotron samples I’m using with a Raw Player with the slice indexing set to 12-tet. Only problem is, the samples begin with a G note, so I’m looking for a way to precisely offset my incoming voltage so I can get the notes aligned with my other voices.

I’ve been using the JP-80XX supersaw custom unit lately and it has a tune control that lets me offset the incoming 1v/oct by cents so I just adjust 100 cents per semitone. I assume there is a way to set up a chain to combine the incoming voltage with an offset, but the offset units weren’t in cents so I’m a little unclear on how to do this. Can anyone offer any wisdom here? Thanks!

If you want to use the Offset unit, you have to know 2 things.

  • In general, 1V/octave means 1V per 12 semitones, or 1/12V is 1 semitone.
  • On the ER-301, [-10V, +10V] maps to [-1, +1], or in other words, 1V is 0.1.

Taking these two facts together,

  • 1 semitone is 1/12/10 = 0.008333…

Or you can just use a Scale Quantizer unit as your offset.


Cool thanks. Got it working with the Scale Quantizer!

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