Oh the bumbling of time

It’s amazing to think this forum is almost two years old in one month!

That, and I’ve had the module for 2 years, 3 months. Where is the time going?!?!

The amazing thing is (for me anyway), is it’s still just as inspiring to dive in with now as it was at the beginning, and has changed my modular workflow forever.

What’s everyone’s favourite “go to” usage? For me I love creating textures with grains and loopers and recording that result with the 6track recorder. It’s an endless rabbit hole of sonic goo.


I am all over the place. Sometimes I get really stuck into building synth voices. Sometimes I like to build little modules within the module to inspire new ways of working, both bespoke and ui layer custom units. Sometimes I really get lost in the samplers and grain players. It’s a big playground!


I’m still in the midst of putting together the infrastructure of my ideal compositional setup, but just in acquainting myself with the module it’s been a wonderful canvas with which I can take sonic ideas and think not “if” I can implement them in the 301, but “how” I can do it. I haven’t come up with anything that isn’t possible yet. Not sure I ever will!

Also I think it’s worth mentioning that in terms of hours spent on it, I think by far my most frequent use of it has been as a foil for my development of my MIDI interface module for it. In that sense I suppose it’s served as a hugely motivating framework that I’m driven to interface with in ways that I’m already more familiar with and better equipped for.

My planned/ideal setup is to have it be the sound design/live FX brain in my live setup.


Nice to see an s5000 still in use. You have the fx board in there?

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No :frowning: I just have eBay and Reverb notifications for when one pops up, so I can spend way too much money on one :upside_down_face:

I’m partially hoping the ER-301 will make due in the meantime.
I did max the RAM in the S5000 and have SCSI2SD with a 64 GB SD card in it that I can access via USB while its being used by the S5000.

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Yes I agree. On all counts - amazing module that jus keeps on giving :slight_smile:

As far as I can work it out time appears to go faster the older you get because of habitual routine.

If you want to make time appear to go more slowly the only (sensible) way I have found to reliably do this is to completely change your life, do different things, live somewhere completely new etc… when things are new your brain can’t help but be more active which in turn makes time appear to move more slowly.


tbh, the er301 is the first module i have some weird love-hate relationship going on. often it sits there and gets used as recorder and sometimes sample player, it is more like the sound engineer, working in the background, for that i love it. sometimes i build more elaborate patches with it and although i’m really happy with the soundquality, i realize that screen/menue modules are just killing my creativity. i think the big thing that’s missing for me are my own finished and well working patches, so i can see it more as an instrument. but everytime i try to build a patch i want to work with i somehow get lost in patching and nothing turns out the way i want. the really weird thing is, that even though i love the module as “simple” recorder and sample player, i feel like i don’t use it’s full potential, but that’s just my brain.

The emblematic module looks totally badass :star_struck:

I just caved and ordered one… oops!

For the past months I have been (happily) stuck with two typical use cases:

  • Sequencing LOTS of voices in a polymeter fashion with my Squarp Pyramid and Shuttle Control. Both poly and mono, usually they are pretty simple synth voices by themselves, but the layering makes it so cool to just phase out and listen to the endless variations. These are basically exercises in composition, but the ER-301 makes it so easy to all set up.
  • And when I’m baby sitting my three year old son, I usually set up some quick and dirty loopers and grains units and start connecting all sorts of parameters to knobs and faders. Then sing, make fart noises, laugh and dance.

That sounds much like a video that you could make when you get some time - would love to see exactly what you do. Thx

The er-301 changed my workflow forever as well. I always want to squeez a lot out of this module so not doing only one thing, it invites me to experiment with it so I put it in a small case. Set up loopers and sampleplayers and modulate the hell out of it.

Bought it as well last thursday. It is shipped by now but has not arrived yet. It will make an awesome friend for my er-301. To bad it doesnt fit in a 4ms pod. I have to find another nice minicase.


I got one and it really works well with the er 301. I love to set it up so that I can scrub with the fader through a sample with manual grains.


I actually kind of wonder how many ER-301s exist in the world today. Maybe @odevices will tell us, though I can also understand if he doesn’t want to disclose that info.

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The 301 is a complete liberation of expression for me. Forget that i’m Not a designer or a code hack, as a passenger in the sonic jet stream I whole heartedly agree with this sentiment. It’s fair to say that the 301 alone is a force to be reckoned with… yet! The font of support, community and knowledge spread and sprinkled, is the substance that defines and separates this from any other module I could muster a thought for.

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In the piece I’m working on now, the 301 is:

  • sample player
  • percussion voices (5), mix of samples and synthesized
  • swooshy noise patch I translated from physical modules because I needed those modules back for something else
  • reverb

It’s totally maxed on CPU right now so I will probably take the reverb off board and just output the “send” instead.

I haven’t yet really dug into the granular and sample mangling features, though I will when I finish this piece.

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