On/Off switches for individual Groups?

The topic was discussed a while ago in this thread Confusion with 102 Group and I’d like to bring it up again as feature request.

The concept of Groups is one of my favorite features of the ER-102, but I’m still struggling with the question:
Why are all Groups always active simultaneously?

Currently we have to use the Group Modifiers to create non destructive variations of a Pattern. If we ignore Slope, we have 3 variables (x, y, z) with binary states (low/high), so we can create
2^3 = 8 states: 1 neutral state (no transform) + 7 non-destructive variations.

With Group On/Off switches for each of the 16 Groups we could create
2^16 = 65536 states:1 neutral state (no transform) + 65535 non-destructive variations.

When playing with Group transforms I always think that on/off switches for Groups would open up a whole new world of flexibility. Would it be possible to implement “bypassing” individual Groups or are there technical/conceptual reasons against it?

I remember considering it briefly at the time but I decided it was just too much. All ER-102 concepts are suppose to be voltage-controllable. Turning groups on/off could be hacked in but it would not be voltage-controllable and hence not sequence-able.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure if this is a general “no”, but just in case it’s not: I wouldn’t mind at all if it wouldn’t be sequence-able. It just would open up way more flexibility with non-destructive transforms and make the ER-102 more playable. I know you prefer the approach of using your instruments “in a modular way” (= receiving timing/modulation from other modules), but I think the ER-101/102 and it’s “hands-on user interface” also invites to be played manually.

So if you’re open to reconsider it and still think it might be too much: a CONFIG.INI option would be awsome!