One oscillator changing the frequency of another bug?

I’m sure this is user error somehow, but I just can’t figure it out. I had a patch going just now, in stereo, had four stereo mixers in there, a couple of global chains supplying modulation to various parameters. I had a sort of “kick” sound from a sine wave osc in one of the mixers, it was tuned quite low. I put in a second sine oscillator into a separate stereo mixer, tuned it quite high, but noticed that the kick oscillator (from a different mixer, remember) also changed in tune along with the sine osc I was editing. The sine osc I had put in was put into a mono mixer inside of the stereo mixer (I wanted to add a sort of chord thing by placing a few sine osc’s inside mono mixers inside the stereo mixer), but I had not applied any modulation to it at all.

So this last oscillator I was putting in was to the right on the channel strip of the kick osc, if that matters. Any idea as to why this happened? This on the latest firmware, by the way.

If you save the chain preset and drag it into this thread I can take look!

Thanks, Brian. After turning on the system again now and re-loading the patch, I’m not experiencing the problem anymore, so probably me having messed something up. :slight_smile: