One question and one observation: Mixer Channel Unit

Hi Brian,


When running in stereo, what pan law is implemented for the panning control? -3?

And i was wondering, if the Bypass control isn’t making the unit DSP use ‘inactive’, is there any real difference between using that and mute?



Here is the panning law:

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Re: Bypass vs Mute

I believe there is no external difference but only in the case of MIXER units.

Hmm, thats really interesting. No attenuation or make up.
Left hand side is WMD Performance mixer. Right is Mixer on the 301.

The way I understand it.
For constant level across the spectrum, 3dB addition at the side or 3dB subtraction centre.
For mono summing apply/subtract 6dB.
Common average to keep everyone happy 4,5dB…Food for thought

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3db is the decfacto across almost every DAW, unless you manually change it to an oddball setting.

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Also, there’s enough flexibility in the ER-301 to build your own stereo channels by using two mono channels and making your own custom panning laws to create whatever pan behaviour you like - after all, at it’s heart panning is just two linked (or not) Linear VCA.

Regardless. As soon as we can build custom units in Lua this kind of thing could be easily implemented by anyone who cares for it.

For anyone who does’t know what we’re talking about this article explains things nicely:

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Yeah 3dB suits me generally. Intellijel Dubmix is at least 6dB & its way too much. Noticeably louder on the sides, does my head in lol
Most consoles have settled on 4.5dB fwiw

So does this mean that if you put two panning VCA’s one after the other with their gains set to unity and panned to center, that your signal will be attenuated by -6dB (-3dB for the first and -3dB for the 2nd)? Are we OK with this?

See this:

I’ve had a play around with various attenuation values & found a 3.5dB cut, C position per VCA Pan or Mix Pan, is the most useful & workable especially when stacking multiple VCA’s.

Anyone else any thoughts on the matter?

Also noticed odd behaviour when panning via an external Sine/Tri LFO. Say I’m feeding +5V to -5V I get a spike around +/- 2.5V. Not on the latest firmware yet, I’ll get on it this afternoon & report back.

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Hey @BlueWolfSe7en I was wondering what the outcome was of your investigation as you suggested you’d report back but never made a return to the thread?