One shot option when choosing samples?

Is it possible to use one shot auditioning when browsing samples in the Load Samples screen? It seems that samples currently loop, which makes it hard to audition short drum samples.

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I’d also like to have an auto preview of the samples as I scroll through them, so having them play as a one shot would be ideal!

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Hmm. We have a UI problem. What if you are previewing single-cycle waveforms?

How about a rule like this?

If length of sample is less than 50ms then loop else play once.


i don’t recall if there were some other plans for the S1 or S2 buttons in the load sample screen.
in case one of them is free for rent, imagine a parameter on one of those
buttons for a manual loop length.

  • being ZEROed out that parameter would cause looping the file at its original length,
    that would be good for single cycle waveforms as well as for longer takes and genuine
    loops (which is the current behaviour)
  • setting an alternative and arbitrary manual loop length would have several benefits, one of them being
    able to prelisten short samples in a more pleasant way.
  • a further benefit would be
    a convenient way to ‘preview’ one-shot samples at different bpm/loop lenghts.
  • then there are also use cases, where you’d like to preview longer one shot samples (e.g. gongs or cuts from speech) but with the possibility to set additional silence before the loop starts again…

This solution would work - or what about using a button as @mopoco suggested to toggle looping on/off on the sample load screen? I also agree with @cosmicsoundexplorer that having auto preview as samples were scrolled through would be awesome.

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Maybe, but it would also be awesome if it was disengable then. :slightly_smiling_face:


the other day we got this rule included in one of the latest and sincerely: awesome! updates.
and though it surely solved one particular UI problem (i.e. single cycle waves), now i got a workflow problem
on my end.

  1. sometimes i want to quickly choose a longer sample loop from my collection.
    but even if i need to make a choice rather quickly i still have to listen to
    loops in a loop so i can see how they work (being looped;). with the current
    solution i would have to put them into the pool first, then […]etc…
    or i take that workflow back to the desktop computer…
  2. when the loop of choice is central/crucial to a particular piece i tend
    to listen to it for a very long time just to see how long it takes to annoy me.
    guess what: i need to listen to it: being looped.

in both cases: until the introduction of that exclusive 50ms rule i was glad i could browse
through the collection until a loop could pass the before mentioned smell tests.

please, don’t get me wrong. neither are the before mentioned worklows the
only ones i use nor are they more important than all the other ones we
will have to take into consideration when it comes to browsing in wave data collections.

but, pretty please, let’s design that precious part of the ui in a way
that also suits workflows concerning loops.

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Indeed. It looks like we forgot the loops. Let’s brainstorm possibilities!

So far we have single-cycle waves, one-shots and loops. Anything else?

How about looping the sample for as long as you hold down the play button? When you release the play button, it finishes playing until the end and stops.

especially when i’m listening to a loop for a longer period of time (usecase 2: crucial loops)
to see how long it takes to annoy me: meanwhile, i like to do something else: frantic dance/cooking/patching other voices/taking a nap/just like now: contemplating better solutions…

in those cases it’s obvious we don’t want to glue our finger to a latch.

as to one-shots i think it is important to take into account whether they are short (e.g. drum-hits) or long (e.g. longer ambient takes or whole pieces). i’d like to call short one-shots: hits.
and longer one-shots: takes…

i’d like to add:

  • inaudible waves (below 20Hz and beyond 20kHz, roughly)
    including classic envelopes/lfos/random voltages or any cv.
    though you won’t hear much: at least with the freqs below 20Hz you’ll still be able to see voltage changes on the meters on the right side…
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Maybe I don’t get something here but I thought this was about pre-listening for better orientation when you scroll through your sample library.

When you want to listen to a loop or take for a longer period of time you could just load it into a sample player, couldn’t you?

It would keep the file loading process clean and simple when there were not too many pre-listen options, I think.

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that’s my gut feeling, too. i like the new pre-listen and if you really need something > 50 samples to loop for a while, load it in and trig it.

i absolutely agree with the notion of keeping the

let me elaborate the use case in question a bit more:

  1. imagine a personal sample loop library containing about 100
    loops with lenghts between 10 to 360 seconds
  2. lets assume you’d like to create a piece, where one of those samples
    is suppoosed to serve as kind of a backbone of your overall sound.

!in case you already know which particular loop should do the duty:
you’re absolutely right. even if you forgot the title of the wave with the current
behaviour you’ll soon find the right one so you can quickly load it to the pool from where
you then choose the right file for (e.g.) a sample player.

  1. Let’s further assume you do not know which sample will do the trick
    (depending on the current state of your taste, which, at least in my case,
    can change dramatically within a split of a second.)
  2. given (especially) that third premise, you’d like to make a determinate choice within
    the file browser for
  3. otherwise you’d have to load each sample, like you suggested, into the pool and from there to the sample player in order to be able to listen to it for a longer period of time.
  4. but: in case the intricately loaded (through 2 menues!) sample doesn’t pass the smell test
    you would have to return to the file browser again and repeat all the steps implicite in 5. untill you’re happy with your choice.
  5. i’d like to keep the contents of my sample pool clean and simple, too. but it’s hopefully obvious, that repeating the steps in 5. over and over will force you to purge all unsed and previously loaded samples from your pool to keep it clean.

long story short:
being able to make a determinate choice in the filebrowser facilitates both:
a) making a determinate choice without hopping back and forth through other menues and
b) only loading samples into the pool that you feel confident about.

i won’t count the keystrokes here, but just imagine that given all the above mentioned
premises: if you’ll have to go through e.g. 10 files until you’re happy, the number of all necessary keystrokes seems to be far lower if you could stay within the file browser.

so, you’re right as far as with the current solution we do have good orientation in the library.
but in some usecases you’re not able to make those kind of definite choices anymore.

i hope that could clarify my case a bit…

maybe it’s as simple as SHIFT+preview(M6) for looped preview vs. one-shot?

don’t want to take over the thread but
i feel the urge to summerize possible nonexclusive (!) solutions so far:

  1. 50ms rule
    (makes still sense to me as a default setting)

  2. toggle:

e.g. with

  1. a) permanent
  1. b) toggle:

auto preview

  1. parameter

(would eliminate the need for the loop toggle (2.))

  1. latch:

-------further comments------

  • i also thought about system settings, but the longer i think about it, the more i’d prefer switching/setting workflows inside the file browser menu
    1. Brians looping latch: as i mentioned above, it does not solve a special usecase that is dear to me. but:
      i can see a lot of fun there, especially when the current sample matches the tempo of the running piece in a musical way. but then, we’re already on the road of a musical file browser. and that would raise a 16 tons of other toggles, latches and parameters…
  • i can’t see how laborius each of the options are but a combination of some or all seems desirable
  • at the end of the day (this one) a simple toggle for loop on/off (which i don’t need to set everytime i change the sample) would help my current situation
    and i’d like to second the idea of an auto preview (which you could toggle on/off in the system settings).

this makes a lot of sense to me. nice breakdown.

any news in this regard?

Hi I’ve got lost. Where is the settings to have the audio in the sd card looping when auditioning (before loaded)? Thanks

There is no such setting (yet).

Just in case somebody stumbles across this thread:

As of version 0.3.23 the following behavior/settings are available:

These are much appreciated! @odevices
my four year old son is already evaluating basic loops. If he keeps dancing after more than 8 repetitions of a particular sample that specimen ends up in our sample pool… :pray: