Online platform for upcoming SDK

Although, the SDK is still a few months away from being available, I think it is a good time to start gathering opinions on how you would like its dissemination, community-resource management, issue tracking, documentation to be organized online.

This forum I believe can serve the discussion and Q&A needs of the SDK. However, we still need a platform for documentation (hopefully supporting community-sourcing). issue tracking, versioning. GitHub and Redmine have been considered, both of which I have never used in any substantial way.

What do you recommend?

Github is wonderful for versioning and even publishing of documentation.

I’m not an expert but I believe Github Issues are a fairly rudimentary issue tracking system compared to others. I don’t, however, know what missing sophistication might actually be helpful. I do observe fairly large projects running with Github as their issue tracker.


I use github a lot and the unix based git tool works very well for me. with github you can have sources or binies and can tag development at any point which is nice. I have been waiting for the SDK details and was the reason I hopped onto the ER-301, as I am versed in DSP coding in C and C++ but really wanted to be able to program my own eurorack hardware and have no clue about prototyping hardware. Anyway, thanks a bunch Brian, really looking forward to developing some open source units for this thing!


Another +1 for Github. It’s become the default ecosystem for developing and distributing open-source software, and the tools it provides have gotten progressively better and better over the years.

The issue tracker is a little quirky but effective… I’ve really grown to like it. You also get “for free” a wiki, a Kanban-like system for organizing tickets, a decent pull-request review system, etc etc. which you can use or ignore.

Also, yeah, Git basically won the last round of source-code-control wars. It’s sort of warty, but collaboration on large-scale software projects is a warty problem.

BTW all of the above is not to dismiss legitimate criticisms about Github as an organization (there have historically been lots of reports of bad behavior internally at Github), or of the dominant role Github has taken in the open-source world. Technically I think it’s a strong solution, but you have to decide for yourself about the political/ethical aspects.

+1 github

Another vote for GitHub.

The issue tracking has been improving as well as support for code reviewing heavy workflows.

The project based wiki is nice for documenting stuff as long as one isn’t after very specific formatting.

Github is great. I also suggest Bitbucket, it’s Atlassian and integrates nicely with Jira if you ever decide to go with a full-on issue tracking solution.

Either Github or Bitbucket should be fine unless you have some fairly particular requirements. Both offer git hosting (and so handling of multiple code branches, releases/tags, pull requests, etc) as well as issue tracking, wikis for documentation, etc.

One feature where they differ is with file downloads (which you might want to use for compiled code, e.g. versioned firmware files, etc). In Bitbucket you can upload arbitrary files to the projects “Downloads”, but with Github you have to create a “Release” from a particular commit and attach your files to it. Bitbucket’s way is a bit more flexible.

Another +1 for GitHub. I can’t think of a compelling reason to choose BitBucket over GitHub, unless you intend to buy into Atlassian’s “enterprise-level” features.

Github, mine is :

+1 for GitHub. Specially if the code is OpenSource as all developers have an account already. Easy to track low level issues and the git versioning system makes it a breeze to pull different branches at the same time. I offered a fully featured bug tracker the other day but I wasn’t thinking about the SDK. Also GitHub projects index very well in google G and inside GitHub itself, the project will gain visibility and popularity. People will get notifications of bugs and releases real time.

Sorry to post on this one too, but take a look at the first post. A few months in April from being available is where the other SDK MIA post comes from as this one is clearly not about the availability that was mentioned here. Not a big issue, I am just wondering why there was such hostility in my thread when this one clearly says a few months from April? I think the repo is not as important as maybe laying out the framework for what an SDK would be that would both keep the vision of the 301 creator in tact while proving adequate reason for developers to make new units.

The hostility has been addressed and by far the majority of that thread has been supportive and welcoming.
Think it’s time to let this go and wait patiently like the rest of us, or not; but please take your issue up with @odevices directly if needs be, I don’t think it has much of a place here.

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Sorry, this post is about what online platform the SDK should live in. There is no SDK or a timeline or the linking that is needed, so this thread doesn’t really have a place it seems.

I oft wonder in these kinds of situations how long it will take for someone to pull out the old “monk carrying beautiful woman over stream” parable in these instances…then again I have been watching quite a few old Monkey episodes with my daughter! :wink:

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Yeah - classic stuff!!

Monkey is a childhood favourite - one of the very few things I ever got excited about watching :smiley:

Rest assured it’s as good as you remember!

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