Only trigger/gate outputs?

I’d like to get another ER 101 dedicated to trigger drums.

I dreamt about having only triger/gates outputs instead of 1 Gate/trigger and 2 CV outs.
That means…12 trigger/gate outputs from ER-101!

Is there a hardware limitation? Can it be done with a SW update?
I know I can trig with CV, but no ratcheting etc…



Hardware mod and/or a specific approach to sequencing and this is possible:

See this post here:

Edit: Sorry, just realised this doesn’t explain how to actually do it, it’s quite straightforward: just create a step and set the CV value high enough to trigger your sound source, then place an empty step in-between each ‘trigger’.

yeah, but it’s way easier to send a gate rather than a “certain amount of voltage” to trig something.
And no rachetting with CV.

I wish we can have Gate->trigger->0v->etc
same philosophy with Maths functions. When you go below the 0 you start to divide.
here, when you go below to 0 you have gate or trigger.
So we won’t lose CV, just introduce a gate and trigger to CV outputs.

Of course!

Totally doable with a high enough incoming clock resolution :wink: