OP-1 Style Crank for ER-301

Following on from the OT discussion on the OP-1 I thought it would be amazing if the ER-301 had a ‘crank’ so the looper recordings could be treated like the tape is in the OP-1.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Hmm. The crank works on an endless rotary… would this use the main encoder on the 301 or a cv source?

Edit: the main encoder, i guess. It really needs an encoder

Of course hehe :smiley:

So perhaps what we are really talking about is play-head functionality for the sample player?

i.e. if you position the cursor and move it around it plays the audio at the rate you move the encoder.

Yeah. I actually was pretty much sold by this one video of the op-1 that featured the crank:

AND, I was actually pretty much sold by the 301 presentation by brian where he simply manually manipulated the playhead speed/direction. I need to use it in a song!


Hehe - it’s weird hearing a Piano sample coming from the TI!