Open quicksave by pressing ENTER instead of S3 (load)

I have a tiny feature request for loading a slot from the quicksave menu. At the moment the process is:

  • Choose a quick-save by focusing on it with the big encoder
  • Press S3 to load

That works perfectly well, but what I always do first is pressing ENTER after focusing on the slot. That doesn’t do anything. A bigger problem is that I have pressed S1 a few times after pressing ENTER, effectively erasing the slot I wanted to load from, because it is somehow the first S button after pressing ENTER…? :neutral_face: I admit hitting S1 is not absolutely necessary or logical in this situation, but since ENTER doesn’t have any function at the moment in that menu, would it be a big hassle to duplicate the load action to the ENTER button as a “default” action so to speak? Or at least have a confirmation for saving to a slot, that might be a good idea regardless.

I know what you mean but associating ENTER to the load command might trip up someone who is expecting it to trigger a save. So I went with the safer option (i.e. ENTER is not used) until something better comes up.

That makes sense. I guess a confirmation message would slow down the user experience? Is that a bad thing in this case? To me that menu could do with some slowness as the matter of fact.

I’ve been thinking about this as well. How about a performance mode that you choose to enter in the admin area. While in performance mode, you cannot save, only load…


@a773 I will definitely consider it :wink:

All: Just a reminder that if you inadvertently save over a quicksave slot, the previous quicksave is still there on the SD card as and the most recent save is In other words, the last 4 saves are backed up in each slot. Of course, you still have to bring your SD card over to the PC to get access to those backups but that won’t be necessary forever.


That’s amazing! I somehow assumed it was the 4 chains…