Ordered 301 before the international store closed

I can’t seem to get an answer anywhere about this, so I thought I’d post here. I placed an order back in mid April for a 301 and then the international store “closed” at some point after. Any insiders out there know the deal with how this is being handled? Am I still in the queue and just waiting for the mailing issues to clear up or has production stopped altogether? I’m trying to figure out what to expect moving forward.

If you are in a country to which shipping is suspended and your estimated shipping date was more than 5 business days in the past, then I cancel and refund your order.

I wasn’t given any shipping info on anything yet. I just know that when I ordered the estimated lead-time was around 8 weeks and if that was indeed true it would have put me somewhere close in the front of the queue by now.

I take it from your message that everything is on hold with production until further notice? Is it worth not doing anything in terms of canceling/refunding and just waiting until things clear up so I don’t lose my place in line or are things more complicated than that?

I’ve emailed you about that by the way.

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, over from the Lines forum! Very excited to dive into this community, learn, and eventually share.

I wanted to piggyback on this thread as I’m in a similar boat… I purchased an ER-301 on April 20th and received an estimated ship date in mid-June for it. Having not heard anything about shipping (absolutely expected given how weird the world is right now), I visited the site and found that orders had been stopped a few days after I placed mine and that some orders have been stopped and refunded.

I haven’t received a refund or heard that my unit has shipped, and it’s a little unclear to me what to expect. Anybody else in the same boat?

Oops, I thought I included you in my most recent communication but looks like I didn’t. Sorry about that. I’ll send you email now.

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I just got the email, thanks for your prompt response. Bummer about the shipping situation but that’s no fault of yours!