Oscillator phases

i’m wondering about this… how are oscillator’s phases internally handled?

what i’ve done:

  1. (see image) created a pulsewave / gate by running two saws at the same frequency (1Hz), one of them inverted
  2. saved this chain and placed it on a second track
  3. fed both pulsewaves (track 1 + 2) to VCAs to hear them clearly

what i observed
after fiddling around with track 2 a little (adding effects behind one of the saws, altering their frequency (but returning to 1Hz), there was a noticeable offset from the pulsewave on track 1

some random thoughts

  • if i understand correctly what is happening, there’s currently no way to phase-sync oscillators (to e.g. a master). this may be handy for clocking tasks (as above)?
  • (see video) furthermore – it’s not possible to really fine-tune the frequency-values. some floating-point numbers are skipped (even when in "fine-"mode), especially in the higher frequency-ranges. this may be a disadvantage not only for control / clocking tasks, but considering you might want to tune an oscillator precisely to a C ( / something like ~261,63 Hz).

not meaning to bug-report – just trying to understand what’s going on :slight_smile:

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+1 from me!

This is why I’ve ended up using sample players as oscillators a lot.

Fine tuning would also be a huge boon for FM synthesis too, as discussed previously.

I am pretty sure all these things are coming :heart_eyes_cat:

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I thought you were using the sample players because they have linear FM?

Yes that too - actually loads of reasons to use them, but the phase sync is definitely a bonus too!

I’m surprised you expected an oscillator to stay in sync after adjusting its frequency. I wonder where that expectation came from?

By the way the oscillator units do have sync inputs.

I’m confused. How does the player have phase syncing advantages over the oscillator units?

Sample retrigger?

Oh weird - I had it in my head that the OSC Units didn’t have sync, but I just looked and they do!!

My mistake and apologies :slight_smile:

Phew! I thought I was going crazy. It is way past my bedtime after all.

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Hehe oops… sorry!

I feel really silly because I’ve not been loading them up when I needed a synced sine or whatever because I thought this :blush:

This changes things for me, it’s like an automatic upgrade!! Thank you once again :smiley:

hehe… well… mh… thinking about it a little, maybe it doesn’t make sense.