Looking at that lovely screen I wonder if an Oscilloscope is planned/possible for the ER-301? Would be so useful and allow me to remove my current oscilloscope… making valuable space for… a 101?


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Isn’t it what the second screen is most of the time ?

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While patching, I often wished for a dedicated unit too. It could have more than one input then, a rudimentary (as in fitting the screen w/o getting to clumsy) scale for voltage and some settings for time and maybe even sync.

I would use it to follow long evulving CV signals as from mixed LFO’s, chaotic or ransom voltages as it is sometimes hard to grasp if they really are within the desired range just from listening to the outcome.

For now you could use the context view of a Feedback Looper with feedback set to zero and the buffer length set to whatever you need:

chart-example.chain (6.0 KB)


Perhaps a separate feature request: How about a Frequency Analyzer (Spectrogram)?

I wonder how far you’d get with a bunch of bandpass filters, envelope followers and VCA’s… ofcourse, you’d have to watch a bunch of VCA’s at the same time. Ok, rambling… bla.

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It is, though it’s more of a visualiser than detailed scope where cv levels can be (accurately) measured over time. Which is why I suggest the feature as it’s partially built already :wink:

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I am not yet up to date on 0.4 - do we already have a bandpass filter unit? That would be great!

Regarding the spectrum analyzer: Of course It would be a really great addition. But while I am personally not so much in need for super accurate Oscilloscope as I would use it more for an general overview of voltage ranges and movements over time, I would want a spectrum analyzer to be very accurate as a visualizing/measuring tool and I am not sure if this is possible with the screen resolution.

Thank you for the hint Brian! Have not thought about it and it is indeed useful for now.

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I find this is an issue even with something like the Jones O’Tool+. There’s a spectrum analyzer, but it only gives a general sense of the spectrum (which my ears give me anyway). I find myself relying on MAnalyzer in my DAW instead.


Thanks for the link. I’ll have to try that one. Similar here - there is a spectrum analyzer built into both my Mordax DATA and Rigol scope, but neither of them have enough FFT bins to be all that useful for precision work.

I use the one that is included in Studio One a lot, which has a lot higher precision, but for some reason seems kind of laggy (which could be my hardware or settings, but I haven’t figured out how to improve it.)

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i’d like to second that recommendation. it is one of the only three plugins i’ve been using constantly for several years, i.e. since i degraded my daw to multitrack recording of modular signals. The other two are

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