OT: Aphex Twin Streaming Live Saturday 3rd June 2017

Thought this may be of interest to some here :slight_smile:

Aphex Twin headlines Field Day this weekend and the full set will be live streamed on Saturday evening via NTS Radio.

Vvisual collaborator Weirdcore have created a special adaptation of the live show, a bespoke online visual immersion, for the exclusive online stream. Check the live countdown via the NTS website, and also view teaser videos featuring unreleased music below.


Spotted this last week so ive been wondering what it would be. Damn i would love to go that gig! Line up looks incredible.

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Just another DJ set… I wish one day he will do a real live show.

Twice I saw him was both dj sets tbh. Still wicked parties though. That set he did in Houston Christmas time was pretty cool, quite a bit of unReleased stuff if I remember correctl from the YouTube video.

I wonder if he’s going to have some twisted looking cheerleaders on the stage with him :slight_smile:

The one time I saw him he had these weird face contortionists with him!

Listening now - sounds good!!!

The only time I have ever seen him was at All Tomorrows Parties - the year it was curated by Autechre! That was quite a weekend :slight_smile:

Hybrid setup.
That was nice :smiley:

For anyone who missed it… Not sure how long it will be up?

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