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OT: other modules and gear in general


I guess I meant in order to really make it shine and use its features. It’s a long time ago I looked at the module and back then, honestly I probably wasn’t even completely sure what to do with a VCO haha. I came a long way (and still learning) :smiley:

Yeah Odessa, man I’m going to keep track of that one.


You also have the power to build harmonic oscillators in the 301! :slight_smile:


Anyone have a favorite tactile controller/modulator? I’ve been eyeing the planar2. Aside from an actual hands on controller recorded cv would be useful. I’m wondering if then I can record cv xy positions back into the er301 to save hand made env or shapes etc.


Some people… :roll_eyes: We have a discussing here :grin:

Obviously, stating that you can build harmonic oscillators with the ER-301 is true, and I loved the results of that experiment by the way. Just how much it does or does not compare to THE Verbos flagship oscillator I wouldn’t know since I never actually tried the module.

@adrianf Since the ER-301 is really begging for control and modulation sources there is a separate thread on interface modules literally filled with inspiration on the topic. I posted my own favorite touch controller there a while back: TSNM from Doboz designs. At that time it was a DIY project, but now you can just buy a pre-built retail version I think. Planar2 is an absolute killer combination I think with the ER-301, not only as a controller but also as a four channel mixer (not all the same time probably… or?). I’m not sure cause I didn’t try it, but it’s been on my list for a long time.


You nailed it. But in general I agree with @odevices here: It’s way more interesting to build non-existent stuff with the ER-301 than emulating existing modules.


I would agree. Although for an amateur like me, emulating is a good way to learn and can provide a springboard into something unique and different.


Absolutely. Maybe this is different for actual engineering and technical design, but in my experience as an artist, visual or musical, I have always found great reward and pleasure in trying to mimic or copy other artists, in the knowledge that you simply cannot succeed 100%. In the end you always create your own unique signature piece, and sometimes it takes you a lot further because you aren’t burdening yourself with “artistic” dilemma’s, since you’re in a different mindset. It’s not what I do all the time but it has definitely helped me a few times to overcome blockages. Way of topic but hey that’s what OT stands for anyway.


I absolutely agree. Also emulating/reverse engingeering/mimicing/copying is a great way to make progress without listening to the inner voice that says “That’s not unique… You’re not good enough…”, which I’m sure all of us know.


Yeah tbh, brians thoughts about not wanting to emulate other modules is a huge turnoff. Especially for a non coder like myself.
Im pretty sure most of what er301 can do up to now has been done before in other modules, so it just doessnt make sense to me…


Yeah tbh, statements like this are a huge turnoff to me, especially to a person in love with the ER-301 like myself.

I’m pretty sure that most everything I’m doing with the ER-301 is NOT done in other modules as I can’t chain units together in an internal structure that allows a density not seen anywhere else. So it just makes total sense to me.


You guys are free to use your gear in any way that you want. What exactly are you complaining about? :thinking: Sounds to me like you have simplified my stance to the point where it makes no sense.


Well if you are talking to both of us, I’m complaining about the @v0ltstarv tone and how it feels a bit detuned to my ears.


Actually, I did misread your post! Sincerest apologies :bowing_man:

So addressing @v0ltstarv, From my point of view, there is a big difference between asking me how to replicate a feature in another person’s work versus asking the community. You are free to talk about reverse engineering and do it (of course!) but I’m not going to participate because I do not believe it is an appropriate activity for me as a manufacturer. Not to mention that I have plenty of other non-morally-grey things to be working on. For users, reverse engineering is not morally grey at all. Not in the slightest.


I recently bought on ER301 that will arrive soon, so let me explain why I bought and why I think it’s a unique module … I’ve been working with MAX templates and PD, and for me to have the ability to combine different nodes or boxes to create the exact instrument you need is incredible. This is why I ended up working with the eurorack system, and this is why I ended up buying a 301. I see this module as a “modular system” inside a modular system. You can recall patches and save them and this is something very useful.

I agree with you that probably a lot of things that we use now have been created years ago, but for me is the way I interact with those modules whats makes the difference. I haven’t even played around with a 301 yet, but since I saw the first video introduction I knew it has a HUGE potential.

Only to say something about it (ブライアン さん、ごめん下さい :grinning:)if this module would have CV out, will be a KILLER unit for all other modules and brands out there … But this is something we all can live with as probably all of us already have a bunch of CV modules to modulate other things …


I used the wrong words in my original post.

I meant that the basic building blocks are all available in other modules. I didnt mean that the capabilities of the er-301 are necessarily available in a single module.

It’s obviously brians right to develop his module however he wants and i know it will be great no matter what(for lots of users). But maybe not to its potential for people that dont know how to code or have time to learn how to code.

There are some INCREDIBLY AWESOME people sharing right now, but my expierience with modules(and alot of coders) is that they dont like to share to a certain extent because of pride and ego (which is totally understandable and i accept). It just makes me feel like i shouldnt have bought such a module in the first place, once i realize that may be the case once again.

Also my life situation right now is really bad and it’s extremely difficult to decide what to sell first out of my remaining favorites.

I meant no negativity with my post and i sometimes suck at word choice.


hey :slight_smile:
i feel like you got the wrong impression of the er-301.
like it is something you can enjoy only if you have deep knowledge of coding or of patching modulars.
believe me, its not like this.
you can start really simple and appreciate every bit of the simple things it can do.
then it’s up to you if you want to dig deeper or not.
but putting in a looper followed by a delay and a filter, and maybe modulating the frequency of the filter with a sine oscillator is surely something you can do (and can enjoy) even if you are a total n00b (i’m absolutely not implying you are, i’m talking in general!)

so , believe me, don’t worry! you can appreciate it at very different levels of depth :wink:


Sincerely hope things take a turn for the better for you soon, @v0ltstarv!


In the beginning, play scales, play scales, play scales, so that someday you don’t have to play scales. Building emulations with the ER-301 is the equivalent of playing scales. It’s a way to build strength and confidence. But once you’ve got those things, you don’t need to play scales quite as much.


My quote (in fact it’s more Brian’s quote, to which I was referring) was more about long term goals. So yes, I completely agree with what you said.


So I did it. I blew the dust of my old 126HP 6U case and butchered a 1U row on it, which turned out to be a lot more work and a little less of a great idea I thought it would be, but in the end it paid off. It’s a great case now, I love it. I transplanted the modules from my micro-system to the new one and put in a lot of blanks :slight_smile:

Now deciding how to fill in those blanks! I started this thread with an interest in Stages and Magneto. Stages is definitely in, but I’m hesitating about the Magneto. I feel like maybe a second hand Rainmaker would be better suited and more versatile, but I haven’t tried either so I really can’t tell. Odessa is very promising but it’s not clear when it will be available. It could also be replaced by another interesting complex VCO. I’m also looking to replace the Temps Utile and Ornament & Crimes with a more hands on and fun gate and trigger module. I just put Gate Storm in there but I haven’t looked into the module much so far. (I remember @NeilParfitt mentioned it)